The Alchemist, MIKE, Wiki Team Up for “Mayors A Cop” (+Lyrics, Video)

Date 2023-09-22

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From the forthcoming ‘Faith Is A Rock’project, MIKE, Wiki & The Alchemist unveil the music video for the “Mayors A Cop” collaboration. The piece was produced by The Alchemist. Listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy the track, mp3 download.

The prolific Beverly Hills producer, The Alchemist, has been a driving force in the rap game throughout the year 2023. Known for his relentless work ethic and consistent output, he’s dropped four albums and eight singles in just nine months, showcasing his unwavering commitment to the craft. This dedication has been a hallmark of his career since he burst onto the scene in the mid-2000s.

His musical journey in 2023 began with “The Great Escape,” a project with laid-back rap king Larry June. Featuring artists like Big Sean, Action Bronson, Ty Dolla $ign, Boldy James, and more, it set the stage for a busy year ahead. In April, he joined forces with Domo Genesis for “No Idols,” and just two months later, “Flying High” graced the airwaves. On September 1st, he dropped “The Elephant Man’s Bones The ALC Edition,” a collaboration with Roc Marciano.

Throughout this time, The Alchemist continued to contribute to other albums and release singles. Notably, he teamed up with Vince Staples and Earl Sweatshirt for the stellar track “The Caliphate.” His musical journey also included working with longtime collaborator Westside Gunn and the mainstream giant Travis Scott, making a surprise appearance on the massive hit “LOST FOREVER” from “UTOPIA.”

The latest addition to his ever-expanding discography is “Mayors A Cop.” This track features two prominent New York rappers, MIKE and Wiki, both known for their unique styles and affinity for abstract beats. Collaborating with The Alchemist, a master of his craft, was a natural fit. In fact, the trio is set to release a full album together titled “Faith Is A Rock,” scheduled for September 22. The album will consist of 10 tracks and promises to be another exciting chapter in The Alchemist’s prolific career.

The Alchemist shows no signs of slowing down, consistently pushing boundaries and delivering innovative music. His ability to connect with a diverse range of artists and create timeless tracks has solidified his status as a legendary figure in the hip-hop world. “Mayors A Cop” is just one example of his ongoing creative journey, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what’s next from this iconic producer.

MIKE, Wiki & The Alchemist – Mayors A Cop (prod. The Alchemist)


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[Verse 1: Wiki]
The mayor’s a cop, the blues quadrupled up
The block is hot, shit, this how they chose to use the guap
With this amount of human laws
Could’ve been for schools or parks
Coats in the winter and the summer something to cool ’em off
Food and warmth ’cause once the leaves on the trees start falling off
People want me heat to keep their ears from falling off
Temperature dropped then back up to the top
From the deepest BK block back up to the Bronx
What you wanna hurry back for? Ain’t journey that far
Nah, not getting off ’til the very last stop

[Verse 2: MIKE]
And they appear as lost, the air is mad hot
I be mixing, quickly staring off, bearing mad ‘grabb
Shit be busy with them scary thoughts, fear to ask God
I be thinking who gon’ take the ball, don’t care for mascots
Me and WIK’ we ’bout to take it all, the years padlock
Just listen, this shit could break the fall, be your last try on this mission
Shit be taking long and be the bad guys, baby villain
Finna break the walls and free the chastised, my nigga
We really in this, deeper than rap lines, the spliff it make my brain dissolve and even pass time

[Verse 3: Wiki]
Even so Jesus know I needed that line
Weeded out my ego but no, he can’t lie
Only half the time it’s only right, I need to have pride
While I laugh, cry trying to balance out both sides
If I capsized or if I go drought dry
Walk out the desert a martyr, the water baptized
From where I’m at, I must’ve been a’ight in my last life
That’s right when I’m thrown back in the cast iron
City that’s mine, they ask “Why? Wiki that’s lies”
Ask MIKE, his songs be rallying up all sides

[Verse 4: MIKE]
Nigga, trust, yuh, we having a bunch, the talk right
From the jump when you battle with trust, the fall high
But it’s up, I done swam through the mud and tall times
Remember first lil’ batch of that buzz, I called mom
It’s your son, giving back for that love in a dark time
Too above it, too attached to that ruckus and hard grind
Gettin’ numb, too much gas in my muzzle to guard pride
All them months through that map like I’m puzzled, bizarre rhyme
I stay in touch trying to tackle these struggles and scarred mind
All this bludgeon in my memory muscles and archive
It be tough, we be banking on luck for long life
When they ask me why I give it so much, we on ice

[Verse 5: Wiki & MIKE]
Must’ve thought it was dust, I lost sight
Saw a light on the darkest of nights, I caught fire
And know we calling your bluff, no off nights
Jaw tight, on the move for my blood, we hardwired
And son, you could do it for hype, it’s alright
All while we gon’ do it for love, not titles
It’s true, that’s how I grew from them cuts and shark bites
War crimes when we loot for the bucks, the guap vital
Lot of people on my side need a piece of the pie
Slice lead to suffices that’s why I’m not idle
That’s why I be deep in the crisis, just tryna keep the lies
Stop deceiving when you know that’s not like you


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