Minister GUC performs Jesus Image’s “Yeshua” song in live session

Date 2023-07-18

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Experience the Anointed Live Session Performance as Minister GUC Delivers Jesus Image’s Powerful Song ‘Yeshua’. Immerse Yourself in the Spirit-filled Atmosphere and Encounter the Presence of God. Watch Now and Let Your Heart be Stirred!

Minister GUC, a talented gospel artist, recently delivered a captivating live performance of the song “Yeshua” by Jesus Image. This powerful rendition showcases Minister GUC’s incredible vocal abilities and his deep connection to the lyrics.

“Yeshua” is a worship song that exalts the name of Jesus and acknowledges His saving grace and love. Minister GUC’s rendition adds a new dimension to the song, as he infuses it with his unique style and heartfelt expression. His soulful voice effortlessly carries the emotion and reverence of the lyrics, creating a truly moving experience for listeners.

The live session captures the essence of Minister GUC’s live performances, as he leads the audience in a moment of worship and surrender. The atmosphere is filled with a sense of awe and reverence as the lyrics of “Yeshua” resonate with the hearts of those in attendance.

Minister GUC’s rendition of “Yeshua” serves as a reminder of the power of worship and the ability of music to connect people to their faith. His passionate delivery and evident devotion create a powerful spiritual experience that draws listeners closer to God.

As you watch Minister GUC’s live performance of “Yeshua,” allow yourself to be immersed in the worshipful atmosphere and let the words and melodies minister to your soul. Experience the transformative power of music as it lifts your spirit and strengthens your connection with God.

Minister GUC – Yeshua

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8 July 2023
1 Song, 8 minutes
℗ 2023 Eezee conceptz

Quotable Lyrics

Yeshua uuuuuh ahhhhh ahhhhh

my beloved is the most beautiful
among thousand and thousand

my beloved is the most beautiful
among thousand and thousand

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