MPmamia Mix 52: November 2023’s Hottest New Tracks!

Date 2023-11-30


Welcome to the latest edition of MPmania Mixtape, where we curate the freshest and trendiest tunes straight from the music scene.

In Mixtape 52, Mp handpicked a stellar lineup of tracks that dominated the charts and playlists throughout November 2023.

Brace yourself for an auditory journey featuring the latest projects from acclaimed artists such as Wurld, Rema, Balloranking, Teni, Joeboy, Erigga, Orezi, Spyro, Shalipopi, and more.

1. Wurld’s Sonic Odyssey:

Kicking off Mixtape 52 is Wurld, the maestro of sonic innovation. Dive into his latest project, where he seamlessly blends genres, taking listeners on a musical odyssey. Wurld’s artistry knows no bounds, and this mixtape is a testament to his prowess in crafting unforgettable melodies.

2. Rema’s Evolutionary Sound:

Rema, the prodigious talent, presents a sonic evolution in his latest release. Discover how this young artist continues to redefine the boundaries of Afrobeat, infusing his signature style into every track. Prepare to be mesmerized by Rema’s distinct soundscapes that capture the essence of contemporary music.

3. Balloranking’s Dancehall Delight:

Balloranking brings the dancehall vibes to Mixtape 52 with infectious beats and lyrical prowess. From club bangers to introspective tracks, Balloranking showcases versatility that ensures there’s something for everyone in this mixtape.

4. Teni’s Vibrant Anthems:

Known for her charismatic personality and vibrant sound, Teni adds a dose of joy to Mixtape 52. Her latest contributions feature anthems that resonate with listeners, delivering a perfect blend of energy and positivity.

5. Joeboy’s Heartfelt Melodies:

In Mixtape 52, Joeboy takes us on an emotional journey with his heartfelt melodies. Experience the sincerity in every lyric as Joeboy explores themes of love, life, and self-discovery. His tracks are a poignant addition to this month’s compilation.

6. Erigga’s Raw Rap:

Erigga, the street poet, makes a powerful statement in Mixtape 52 with raw and unfiltered rap. His gritty storytelling and authentic delivery provide a window into the realities of his world. Get ready for a lyrical rollercoaster that leaves a lasting impact.

7. Orezi’s Afro-Fusion Groove:

Orezi brings his Afro-fusion magic to the Mpmania mix, seamlessly blending diverse musical elements. Feel the groove as he explores the intersections of various genres, creating a sound that’s uniquely Orezi.

8. Spyro’s Rhythmic Mastery:

Spyro showcases rhythmic mastery in Mixtape 52, infusing each track with infectious beats and seamless production. His contribution adds a layer of dynamism to the overall listening experience, ensuring a captivating musical journey.

9. Shalipopi’s Rising Star Power:

Closing out the Mpmania mixtape 52 edition is the rising star Shalipopi, whose tracks resonate with the pulse of the new generation. Witness the emergence of a promising artist as Shalipopi leaves an indelible mark on the November 2023 music landscape.


MPmania Mixtape 52 is a testament to the rich diversity and innovation within the contemporary music scene. From genre-defying sounds to raw, unapologetic rap, this mixtape encapsulates the essence of November 2023’s new and trending songs. Dive in, hit play, and let the music speak for itself. This is a celebration of artistry, a testament to the ever-evolving nature of music, and a nod to the brilliant minds shaping the sound of today.

MPmania Mix 52

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