Mount Kimbie & Dom Maker – Locked In (ft. Maxo Kream & Pa Salieu) (Audio, Lyrics)

Date 2022-09-30

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Mount Kimbie & Dom Maker unveil the “Locked In” piece of music with Maxo Kream & Pa Salieu. The track was produced by Dominic Maker.

Mount Kimbie Locked In

Mount Kimbie Locked In

Mount Kimbie is dumping out tons of new music recently, including new heat alongside two unlikely collaborators. The electronic duo released their new single, “Locked In” ft. Maxo Kream and Pa Salieu this morning. Mount Kimbie craft a hazy, minimalist production that provides room for Maxo Kream and Pa Salieu to bring their distinctive styles together in unity.

It’s another step forward for the electronic group following a five-year hiatus that they returned from earlier this month. They recently released “in your eyes” ft. Slowthai and Danny Brown, “Q,” “Quartz,” and “a deities encore” ft. Liv.e.

Mount Kimbie – Locked In (prod. Dominic Maker)


[Intro: Maxo Kream]
Maxo, Maxo, Maxo, huh
Say what? Who? Hey

[Verse 1: Maxo Kream]
Catch him, then we stretch him
Call up on Virginia [?] (Boom boom)
What he on? Throw his ass up on it (Hey)
And tell my dawg, “Go fetch him” (Go get him)
[?] reggaeton (Hey), OG gasolina
Pistol cases, [?] (Uh-uh)
Shoot the jet, fuck yo’ [?] (Okay)
With this music, [pack a venue?]
Bought my traphouse like a [?] (Goddamn)
Sell my trap, look at the menu
We be serving’ like [?] (Goddamn)
Movin’ ’em packs and the bundles (Say what?)
Sell out, re-up, re-[?] it (Woah-woah)
Movin’ ’em packs and the bundles (Hey-hey)
Pull out like [?] start [?] (Okay)
Amiris don’t do [Ksubis?], shoot with the Uzi, start crumbin’
Wanna fight, oh [?], 1 on 1, we jumpin’
Keep [?] like percussion
Steph Curry with the [?], I’m dumpin’
Keep [?] like percussion
Her one, her two, I’m pumpin’
Maxo, huh

[Verse 2: Pa Salieu]
[?] want me ’cause I’m better than them
Them boys them, and them iffy and that
Don’t believe what they say on the track and that
See little money and they start bluffing
Flossing, your moms found me a [?]
[?] and the [?]
[?] I have nobody
One time [?]
This new smoke is dead
And I see we [?]
Uh, aye, come here, G
What the hell you gonna do to [?]?
How many times have I told my [meat, yeat?]
What they gon’ do is speak, [?]
[?] brother, stop running [?]
I’m not good, I’m fucking great
I ain’t calm, I’m crazy
Crazy in love with the [?]
Invest that money in [?] (Yeah)
You can’t talk on my name
Might when you see that shit
Might when you see that shit
[?] on some [?] shit
(Might when you see that shit)
(Might when you see that shit)
(Might when you see that shit)

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