Mozzy Drops Music Video for “If I Die Right Now” (+Lyrics)

Date 2023-10-18

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American rapper, Mozzy dishes out the music video for the song, “If I Die Right Now” produced by KXVI & Mozz (RU). Listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy the track, mp3 download.

Sacramento rapper Mozzy is back with another powerful track, “If I Die Right Now.” Known for his gritty, heartfelt lyrics, Mozzy delivers another emotionally charged performance on this song.

In “If I Die Right Now,” Mozzy reflects on various aspects of his life, from the loss of his grandmother to his personal struggles and triumphs. He shares his journey, delivering lyrics that are both introspective and motivational.

The music video for the song adds an extra layer of depth to Mozzy’s storytelling. It complements the track’s message, providing viewers with a visual representation of the song’s themes.

Mozzy’s work ethic is well-known in the rap game, and he continues to release music that resonates with his fans. “If I Die Right Now” is another example of his ability to connect with his audience through his music.

If you’re a fan of Mozzy’s storytelling and lyrical prowess, or if you appreciate rap music that delves into personal experiences and challenges, “If I Die Right Now” is a track worth listening to.

Mozzy – If I Die Right Now (prod. KXVI & Mozz (RU))

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11 October 2023
1 Song, 2 minutes
℗ 2023 Mozzy Records, Inc.

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There’s times I wanna be alone
Granny died on the same couch I use to sleep on
I can hear voices that’s sayin’ keep goin’
(Keep goin’, don’t stop now, nigga, just keep goin’)
Destined for greatness, I been knowin’
Just happy I get to show it, watch hella, my niggas blow it
Apprehended for a blower that carried multiple bodies
Dropped on his lawyer to show him I really got him
Still lil’ Tim if you knew me ‘fore I was Mozzy
Shit brazy, we really made it
Square footage outrageous for this location
Overly spacious
Forgiatos sittin’ under the spaceship
Pure motivation
Wake up every daily and chase it
I’m heartbroken
I had to ask the streets why you break it
All my niggas gone, keep takin’ ’em
Overdosin’ ain’t that far off, it’s relatable
Held my head high even when I’m incapable
To see how far we take it, gon’ continue to hustle
Strength and growth was birthed through continuous struggle
Ayy, look what we endured and we still ain’t crumble
Still ain’t fumbled, I know they waitin’ for that
Fuck a hourly wage, ain’t got the patience for that
Mama understand she can’t save me, I’m black
Father understand, he can’t save me, I’m black
Ain’t say nothin’ ’bout them skits, so my gangster intact
Too broke to leave, felt like I was chained to the trap
Disappointed, whole time we raisin’ a rat
Missin’ my nigga, ain’t tryna talk to the sky
We was just makin’ plans to live right before bruh died
Short on time
That’s what I tell the homies in the pen’
They be mad that I won’t answer for weeks
Like, you don’t remember times when I was broke
And I hit you niggas phone for a put on, you ain’t answer for me
Damn, it feel good to finally land on my feet
Damn, it feel good finally stand on my feet
As a man should
Missin’ Granny fried chicken with the canned goods
It be the streets that prepared us for our manhood
Had to squabble up, just makin’ sure our hands good
You’ll never hold me down the way that Ant would

If I die right now, is any the niggas I called brothers gon’ miss me the way the fans would?
If I die right now, is any the niggas I called brothers gon’ miss me the way the fans would?

If I die right now, is any the niggas I called brothers gon’ miss me the way the fans would?
If I die right now, is any the niggas I called brothers gon’ miss me the way the fans would?

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