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Abiola Bolarinwa was born on the 5th of may in the eighties by a Nigerian juju musician called Sir Guinea.
His love for started from a tender age,he started writing his own lyrics at the age of 8 and since then has been developing his writing skills.
His  love for music gradually pushed him to being a Disc Jockey when he was just in JSS 3 and he used to play parties and gigs. 
Still not satisfied he went ahead to form a musical group of two with his friend and they called their group Blaze n Angel. After sometime together he and Blaze decided to do their things separately ,so there was a change of name from Angel to Angelrhymelord because of his rhyming skills.

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He’s admission into the polytechnic soon made a change in his career as  decided to pursue music fully as an artiste and leave disc jocking, this was were he got to meet Hayzee(now known as yede) who formed a crew and called the name icons. Icons rocked the whole stage of the polytechnic and became the biggest group in offa polytechnic kwara state. As icons, 
rhyme recorded his first work in the studio called “baby can i have this dance”, soon they started  recording more tracks and took over the stage of the polytechnic. 
During his polytechnic days rhyme decided to switch from rap to singing and also learn production and studio engineering which became a strong and recommendable part of him.
Rhyme moved from just an Artiste to being a producer and engineer and has worked 
with the likes of Spy-da-man,Durella,Trigga madtonic and many others.



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