Papoose – Thought I Was Gonna Stop (Remix) (Audio, Lyrics)

Date 2022-01-04

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Papoose starts 2022 with the remix of the song, “Thought I Was Gonna Stop”, featuring Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, Busta Rhymes & Remy Ma. The new track was produced by Timbaland. Listen, stream, buy, read the lyrics, buy, mp3 download.

Papoose Thought I Was Gonna Stop (remix)

Papoose Thought I Was Gonna Stop (remix)

No one had a run in 2021 like Papoose. Ahead of his supposed retirement, the rapper emerged with a new project every single month, proving that he’s not one to mess with when it comes to punchlines. Among the releases included a plethora of bangers including, “Thought I Was Gonna Stop” ft. Lil Wayne from September.

The rapper just came through with his final project, December over the weekend which included a monstrous remix of “Thought I Was Gonna Stop” alongside Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes, 2 Chainz, and his wife, Remy Ma. Each rapper goes bar-for-bar on this one, flipping the original and turning it into an excellent posse cut to kick off the new year.

Papoose – Thought I Was Gonna Stop (Remix) (ft. Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, Busta Rhymes & Remy Ma) (prod. Timbaland)


[Intro: Papoose]
Papoose, Papoose

[Verse 1: Papoose]
While y’all was on IG, I was in the Mase’
Drop-top, I be in that foreign like I’m Fivi’
Hustled in your building, and you couldn’t stop me
Like the homie Jim Jones, I be in the lobby
Nigga tried to hit me two times with the shotty
Missed me, I dodged both shots, Kyrie
Do it anywhere, having sex in the Bugatti
Nobody couldn’t see us cause the windows got foggy
Flames try to rob me, it’s gon’ be a homi’
I hope the president’ll pardon me, I’m sorry
Used to move like Billy the Kid, don’t try me
Young gun, I was a YG like Yo Gotti
This is the remix, I’m loading up three clips
I created the wave, now all of these rappers are seasick
Like Juicy J, I tell you to your face you can eat a dick
We can fight on the stage like Bone Thugs-n-Harmony/Three 6

[Interlude: 2 Chainz]
I would a put a hook right here (Yeah!)
But I’m finna snap on all y’all niggas

[Verse 2: 2 Chainz]
When you was on a Zoom call, I was at the pool hall
Crew tall, big ol’ nuts like blue balls
Who y’all? When I met the plug in the U-Haul
Draco like a pool stick, I don’t need a pool ball
Y’all niggas lying but that’s nothing new to y’all
I don’t care if I call around lunch, it’s still a booty call
Trapping, I was too involved, the pistol still my bodyguard
Brooklyn, Hollygrove and College Park
I’m a star like the ceiling the in the R&R
Got a couple restaurants, we can go bar for bar
We can go (We can go) we can go (Yeah) hardy har’
I throw this paper tag at you from my foreign car
Pimping like I’m Mally Mall (Mm) really no thought at all
I got this, I got this bitch hit from wall-to-wall
I ain’t been dabbin’ on the molly cause of fentanyl
You can ask these Cartier glasses, I done seen it all

[Interlude: 2 Chainz & Remy Ma]
Toni, yeah
2 Chainz (Rem’)

[Verse 3: Remy Ma]
While y’all was getting U-E, I was still U-P
On a Lil Yachty with my Migos like I’m QC
With my Lil Baby in peace, spending some QT
I been it, yes, the only Nas I heard is from QB
Used to shoot groupies, now I shoot movies
And try to stay away from the Mickey Mouses and Goofys
They rap like lil’ Paps, yep, they little pussies
I don’t care what I say out my mouth, Lil Boosie
I’m a New York City girl, keep a lil’ Uzi
And tell niggas, “Suck my dick”, a lil’ juicy
I get busy, bitch you can’t do me
Do I look like BBD, you hoochie groupie?
Thought I was gon’ stop cause all of these whores popped
Should work for Amazon the way all of ’em throw box
These bitches is all thots
And everything I do, they Rolex, Piguet and Patek, they all watch

[Verse 4: Busta Rhymes]
Yo, you don’t really want it fam, make you do the Running Man
And bag your bitch, head she give was better in the Cullinan
Everything I touch, I make it hot until your color tanned
Hard of hearing nigga, see the blicka make ya understand
Quick to see ya blow the money, sick about a hundred grand
Still the type to wrap a hundred grand in couple rubber band
‘Til you do the chillin’, send that message to his other man
So unfortunate that most you niggas do not know the plan
While I pour this liquor, see the weapon in my other hand
Step in like a giant when you niggas had the contraband
Damn, holy and sacred like the motherland
Making movies you been watching over like it’s on demand
Me on fire ’til they hot and tired and I bought a fan
Pffftt, a lot of water pouring out they glands
No permission I be in the kitchen with the pots and pans
Pap’, I got ’em, let me pop and put ‘em in a jam

[Verse 5: Lil Wayne]
While y’all been on TikTok, I been on B.I.G., Pac
Big Glock, it’s Alfred Hitchcock, get your kid rocked
Silk shock a nigga like P brother, tree lover
Fell in love with a bitch, my bitch just told me she love her
We run it, been running this shit, I can’t feel my legs
Your brother got them birds, have my niggas come and steal his eggs
I be on a million meds, I can put your doctor on
Dana White diamonds on, stones look like a octagon
Can’t stop, fuck you if you think not
The gun pop, the gun ring, you suck it like a Ring Pop
Had to do my thing, Pap, had to let the snub blap
Riding ’til the wheels fall off, no hub cap
All this mud in my cup and I don’t need no mud flaps
I don’t need no hug, dap, I don’t need no rug rats
So she gon’ have to chug that
I’m like Tom Brady, still ballin’ where the Bucs at
Young Money, young man, YM

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