Paul Wall & Termanology – No Asterisk (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Date 2022-03-31

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Paul Wall & Termanology join hands on the track, “No Asterisk”, a song produced by Statik Selektah. Watch the music video, listen, stream, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download.

Paul Wall & Termanology No Asterisk

Paul Wall & Termanology No Asterisk

Paul Wall and Termanology are gearing up for the release of their forthcoming joint effort, Start 2 Finish. The two announced the project last month upon the release of “Recognize My Car,” produced by Pete Rock. The release date for the album inches closer with each day, but they aren’t leaving fans empty-handed before Start 2 Finish arrives in its entirety.

Teaming up with Statik Selektah, Paul Wall and Termanology pop their ish on their new single, “No Asterisk.” The airy, atmospheric production handled by Statik leads the way for Paul and Termanology to flex their lyrical muscles and claim their bragging rights from their illustrious careers in rap. “Ain’t no crash dummies, we just stack money/ Fucked a couple hundred bitches off of rap money,” Term raps on his verse.

Paul Wall & Termanology – No Asterisk (prod. Statik Selektah)

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[Intro: Paul Wall]
P Dub
Ayy, what it do?
Paul Wall, baby

[Verse 1: Paul Wall]
Hold up, Statik, let me take a stab at it
[?] the atlas
Cut the bullshit, I’m so far passed it
[?] paper, drop the acid, no biohazard
Maybe two-tone or maybe monochromatic
Iced [?] cold world, wear a jacket
Roll the Backwood and pack it if you tryna match it
Make it massive, hit the bunt, I attack it
Inhale it, have you choking like you asthmatic
[?] knowledge down, I just hope you catch it
Intellect multi-[?], close the bracket
But closed mind frame leads you to a closed casket
Crack a book open, digest and unpack it
Achieve whatever you imagine as long as you [?]
Success starts with small habits
Carrots in my mouth like rabbit, diamonds [?]
Out here chasing after cabbage
[?] for that packet but it’s heavy traffic
Gotta fill my sack, matter fact double bag it
Tool I gotta pack it, life can be tragic
Tap the blunt after I dunk it, yeah I Shaq it
[?] extra, yeah I waxed it
Boy it’s fantastic [?]
I just want the rings and the titles with no asterisk

[Verse 2: Termanology]
Uh, whole trunk full of bricks, full of mad shit
Whole trunk full of blades, full of ratchets
Pull up to the projects trunked popped
I got merch, I got drugs, I got what you want
Every couple hundred fans it’s another opp
They got blood up on their hands so it’s fuck cops
Everybody put their money in this one pot
Everybody getting money on this one block
You know me, I put fire work in the hood
Now it’s poppin’, baby, fireworks in the hood
Red shirt like I’m Suge, put in work in the hood
Lil cutie on my lap and she twerk it good
You see them lips, you see them hips, you see the whip
Now you get it why I be on some conceited shit
Could’ve had your boy shocked game lead the bitch
But it’s only small moves under my leadership
Uh, ain’t no crash dummies, we just stack money
Fucked a couple hundred bitches off of rap money
Beast mode like a running back, I’m running laps
Around these emcees, I’ll bet you a hundred racks
They couldn’t out spit or fuck with the outfit
I’m in my house, dipped down, baby peep the drip
Henny and purp, yeah that’s a sweet mix
And Statik on the boards, bet you that’s a sweet mix
Uh, bring Big, Pac and Pun back, we need the remix


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