Peewee Longway – Pink Salmon (ft. Cassius Jay) (Audio, Video)

Date 2021-01-09

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Peewee Longway is here with “Pink Salmon” which features Cassius Jay. Listen, watch the video, stream, buy, mp3 download the song.

Peewee Longway Pink Salmon

Peewee Longway Pink Salmon

“Pink Salmon” is a lot of the same stuff you’ve heard before — girls, cash and cars alike! —but it’s something about seeing the way these dudes are enjoying the fruits of their labor that makes it seem all thew more fun. Some of the best of us have tricked on a girls in order to win her affections, and if you got it like that then it it really isn’t tricking, well is it? Overall though, enjoy this one for your ears even if your pockets can’t exactly relate.

Peewee Longway – Pink Salmon (ft. Cassius Jay)

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Quotable Lyrics:

Thotiana, Blueface
Calamari, two plates
‘Rari came, new plate
Chop the brick and serve the soufflé
Pocket need a due date
Long Sinatra 2, baby
I’m in here shopping too, baby
Christian Dior with the pink lace
She wore a thong that look like shoelace
Kiss on the d**k and smile with pink braces
Long hair, she don’t need lace

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