Peewee Longway – Starve (Audio, Video)

Date 2021-12-15

Category Foreign Music, Music Video, New Music

American hip-hop artist, Peewee Longway premieres the music video for the new “Starve” track. Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download the song.

Peewee Longway Starve

Peewee Longway Starve

This weekend, the rapper shared his latest single, “Starve.” With dreamy vocal samples popping up at the top, the spacey production turns into the canvas for PeeWee to reflect on his come up from the streets.

Peewee Longway – Starve

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Quotable Lyrics
Young n***as spinnin’, may step into sport
We up the score then watch ’em abort
I shoot the stick, see it fly like a torch
Had one in the head when I jumped out the Porsche


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