Pink Siifu & Real Bad Man – Looking For Water (ft. Boldy James) (Audio, Lyrics)

Date 2022-09-06

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Pink Siifu joins forces with Real Bad Man for the “Looking For Water” piece with Boldy James. The song was produced by Real Bad Man.

Pink Siifu Real Bad Man

Pink Siifu Real Bad Man

Pink Siifu’s been on a great run this year. He dropped off GUMBO’! and its deluxe edition in February but he isn’t done just yet. Last week, he announced a collaborative compilation project alongside Real Bad Man titled, Real Bad Flights. As the two gear up for the project’s release, they unloaded a new single today titled, “Looking For Water” ft. Boldy James. Pink Siifu and Boldy take on the dreamy production with ease, detailing the paranoia that comes with the streets.

Prior to announcing Real Bad Flights, Real Bad Man and Boldy James established a strong bond on wax through their two collaborative project, Real Bad Boldy and Killing Nothing, which arrived earlier this year.

Pink Siifu & Real Bad Man – Looking For Water (ft. Boldy James) (prod. Real Bad Man)

Lyric Video


[Verse 1: Pink Siifu]
Flowin’ like water, it all started in the cup
Gamblin’ put it up
We flip safe, put it up
Wah gwan, what up, you know what it is
Out the bottle glass, I shatter glass breakin’ in
All woke, no crust in his eye, look again
City ghost dodgin’ that quick road, high medicine
All highs, he ain’t woke, she ain’t woke, that’s Big Smoke troublin’
Motherfuckers swear they know me, I’m like, “Aight”
You was there (Where you been?), you wasn’t there
Niggas love to play witness
Worried about that bullshit, you end up missin’ flights
Stay aware, now you stayin’ there, now you stayin’ here
Niggas love to say they did it, I’m like, “Who cares?”
These hoes don’t sound right
I’m optimistic, but you flexin’, ridin’
No lows, no ass, get it how you can, my nigga
Shawty, I ain’t mad, I’m just ridin’
Niggas comedians, I’on need to laugh, I already did

[Hook: Pink Siifu]
Playin’ cards, you can’t show your hands
Money on the table, look again
Playin’ cards, you can’t show your hands
It’s money on the table (Table), look again (Look again)

[Verse 2: Boldy James]
I handle my business, I’m standin’ on business, I toss to my shooter
Know the prosecutor wish he could cross-examine the witness
Drum on the Ruger, fresh out the slum, jumped out the sewer
In the trenches with them Grinches who be cancelling Christmas
Fiends beggin’ me for pinches of that doberman pincher
Want a credit to the fifteenth, now they owe up with interest
If a nigga get found face down
This side of the Dyke to McClellan, niggas know that we did it
Any hits get sent out
8 Mile, 6 Mile, from the Lodge to the Seven, niggas know that we sent it
Plenty bands got spent while your mans got flipped
Any bins gets spinned, niggas know that we spent ’em
Ain’t even got to ask, nigga, ’cause you know that we clinchin’ ‘n’ kill a nigga dead
My chopper got COVID symptoms
Heard they givin’ FED time for hundros and extensions
These niggas old school, 1300 Beaubien snitchin’
Prayin’ on my downfall, niggas be hopin’ and wishin’
We slide with them drakeos and Nickelodean switches
Product of the concrete, from the home of the Pistons
Grew up in the stone jungle, I was rose from an infant
From ’93 ’til infinity, we soles of the mischief
Send that bag off with wifey, hit the road with my mistress
Posted on the Hell Block, big pole in my britches
My lil brodie shell shocked, he gonna blow you for flinchin’, what else


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