Pooh Shiesty – Main Slime (remix) (ft. MoneyBagg Yo & Tay Keith) (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Date 2020-06-04

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Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download, read the lyrics and watch the video to the remix to Pooh Shiesty’s “Main Slime” song featuring MoneyBagg Yo & Tay Keith. The song was produced by Tay Keith.

Pooh Shiesty Main Slime (remix)

Pooh Shiesty Main Slime (remix)

As Gucci Mane expands the 1017 roster and plots the release of his next album, he’s been steadily promoting some of the new signees to the label including Pooh Shiesty. The Choppa Gang founder has been steadily making noise and released his single, “Main Slime” a few months ago. But as the song gains steam, Pooh Shiesty’s enlisted a few heavy hitters for the official remix.

Calling on Moneybagg Yo, Pooh Shiesty dropped off the remix of his single, “Main Slime.” The single already included production from Tay Keith, who’s worked with Moneybagg Yo on several occasions in the past. Pooh Shiesty and Moneybagg Yo have incredible chemistry together on wax. Hopefully, we’ll hear more from them in the future.

Pooh Shiesty – Main Slime (remix) (ft. MoneyBagg Yo & Tay Keith) (prod. Tay Keith)

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[Intro: Pooh Shiesty]
I’m tellin’ you, Tay Keith, these folks do not be ready for this shit, bruh (Brr)
It’s another one, man (Brr)
(Tay Keith, fuck these niggas up)

[Verse 1: Pooh Shiesty]
You ain’t never shot at nobody, you never pulled a trigger (You ain’t never did that)
You ain’t never pulled up on your opp, hop out and chase a nigga (Nah, you ain’t never did that)
Miss my Glock so much, I might go get that bitch up out the river (My bitch up out that river)
Miss my Glock 19 so much, I might go get it out the river (Go get my bitch up out that river)
Police tryna make me pull over, you know that shit a wrap (Know it’s over with)
Get up off your ass, stand by the door, you lazy in the trap (You really ain’t sellin’ shit)
I know I’ma make it out, but lately, I been feelin’ trapped (But I’ma make it out)
I’ma feel really offended if you ask me am I strapped? (Ho, you know I’m strapped)
I can have all the cash in the world, I still’ll slime you out (Still’ll slime you down)
I might set up me a lick and let Woo Brazy knock it down (Might let Woo Brazy knock it down)
We drove twelve hours away just to get somethin’ and turn around (Just to get somethin’ and turn around)
Get in my feelings ’bout my gang, I need the members on the town (Let’s go)
Ayy, this lil’ nigga got some pull, he want a meal, but he already full (He already ate)
You get treated like a sheep if you can’t fit in with the wolves (You can’t fit in with these apes)
Glock 23 came from Chicago, didn’t play for the Bulls (Brr)
I’m in LA, you gon’ chill with Kobe if we get into it (But rest in peace to him)
Niggas muggin’, already done shot at them, they know what’s up (Them facts)
This ho ain’t CG, I just fucked her and let her throw it up (Them facts)
Hoes and niggas tryna come around, they see I’m goin’ up (They see I’m goin’ up)
I mixed the Percocets with a lil’ Henn’ and now I’m throwin’ up (Ugh)
Slidin’ by my lonely with this jersey in my clip (I got this thirty in my clip)
Niggas seen me pull up to the scene, got nervous and they dipped (Them bitches nervous, so they dipped)
Niggas didn’t used to be gang and some of ’em wishin’ they ain’t flipped (Them bitches wishin’ they ain’t flipped)
If Lil Haiti say it ain’t up with you, it’s fuck you off the rip (Bitch, it’s fuck you)
Diamond chain ain’t come from Johnny Dang, this hit up in the dark (Hit up in the dark)
Chopper hold a hundred, I just put four dubs like Gaston Park (Pull up on Gaston Park)
When he pull up, we gon’ spray his whip, but we ain’t washin’ cars (‘Cause we don’t need no cash)
All these views on YouTube won’t stop me from layin’ up in your yard (I still’ll lay up in your grass)

[Interlude: Pooh Shiesty]
You ain’t built like this, you knowin’ you ain’t built like this (Nope, nope)
Speakin’ on my name gon’ get somebody killed like this (This shit really gon’ get somebody killed, nigga)
Nah, you ain’t built like this, lil’ boy, then you ain’t built like this (You knowin’ you ain’t built)
You speakin’ on my name, gon’ get somebody killed like that (Them boys gon’ get somebody killed)

[Verse 2: Pooh Shiesty]
Ayy, I’m the one who turned you niggas shiesty, I created that (Facts)
Then I switched it up, slimy lil’ dude, I know they hated that (Yeah, I know they hated that)
My lil’ bitch gon’ swing the stick for me, that’s my lil’ majorette (That’s my lil’ majorette)
Pull up on your block with beams at night, it look like laser quick
Me and Wop sippin’ on water, finna pull up on KD (With choppers)
For them bodies, got a Charger, wanna scrape like SRT
I sat back and watched Lil Ginfolk get active with that glee (He active)
Caught a body in my dream, I slammed a man out in my sleep (Slatt, slatt, slatt, slatt)
Caught a body in my dream, I slammed a man out in my sleep (Slatt, slatt, slatt, slatt)
For them bodies, it’s gon’ cost, but for my niggas, that shit free (For my niggas, that shit free)
Think we fightin’ with our hands until I make you use your feet (‘Til you use your legs)
‘Til I hop out with this drum and fuck you up like I’m Tay Keith (Hit you in your head)

[Verse 3: Moneybagg Yo]
You ain’t never touched a bale of strong and sat there ’til it’s gone (Never done that)
Ain’t no plus one in the trap, come by yourself or stay at home
Make sure you aimin’ at his neck so when you shoot it, it won’t miss his dome (What? Bah)
Bled the track, I had a deal on four bars ‘fore I made a song (Xanny, Xanny)
Ran up me a check so fast, they thought that I had fifty legs
Snakes around me, slimy dudes, ‘Sace’d down, Medusa head
Shiesty bust a script, now we got pints of red, no pseudoephed’ (Ooh, we eatin’)
Bubblegum (Check), Cereal Milk (Check), exotic drugs, exclusive meds, yeah (Go)
‘Vette do the dash, watch me vanish (Yoom)
Bitch in the passenger seat with no panties (Woo)
Servin’ and swervin’, I told her don’t panic (Hold up)
Told me slow down, she got warrants outstanding (Gangster)
FB just sent me a truckload of pounds (Runtz)
Needle and thread, I’ma sew up the town (Facts)
If he ain’t gang, better not bring him around (Nope)
Nickelodeon, I’m slimin’ him down (Brrt, brrt, yeah)
Don’t ask me what I’m reppin’, see this logo on my neck

[Outro: Pooh Shiesty]
Think we fightin’ with our hands until I make you use your feet (‘Til I make you use your legs)
‘Til I hop out with this drum and fuck you up like I’m Tay Keith (Hit you in your head, brrt)

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