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Mpmania Mix 39

Queen Naija – “Marvins Room” (Amazon Original) [Audio, Lyrics]

Musical act, Queen Naija unveils an Amazon Original piece, a spun cover of Drake’s “Marvins Room”. Listen, stream, buy the song.

Queen Naija Marvins Room

Queen Naija Marvins Room

“This cover of Drake’s ‘Marvins Room’ was dope to do because it was kind of a throwback to the early 2010s,” Queen Naija says, “and I love bringing the nostalgic feels. I wanted to do it from a female perspective – hope you guys enjoy it!”

Queen Naija – Marvins Room (Amazon Original)

Quotable Lyrics

I think you addicted to gettin’ women, break ’em until they finished
Lyin’ in the beginnin’, like you ain’t scared of commitment
Until you wake up and decide you don’t want somethin’ that you’re used to
You got me searchin’ all around like f*ckin’ Blues Clues.

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