Reason features Jay Rock for the remix of “At It Again” (+Lyrics)

Date 2023-05-30

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Reason calls upon Jay Rock for the remix of the song, “At It Again” co-produced by Coleman, Motif Alumni & Tariq Beats. Listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy the track.

Reason At It Again

Top Dawg Entertainment’s putting in work this year. The label closed out 2022 on a high note with releases from Ab-Soul and SZA. However, Top Dawg confirmed that they had more in store for the year. Reason’s on pace to light on the year with a new project. Although it’s been nearly three years since New Beginnings, he’s released a string of singles, from records like “Barely Miss” to The Game-assisted, “Impalas & Hydraulics.” On top of the number of freestyles he dropped, Reason is evidently in go-mode.

To kick off the campaign for his next body of work, the rapper released “At It Again” earlier this year. With production from Coleman, Motif Alumni, and Tariq, who deliver a triumphant soundscape, Reason comes out the gates swinging with anthemic flows and instantly quotable bars. However, he leveled up the record today with the release of the official remix with a little help from Jay Rock.

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from Jay Rock. However, he didn’t disappoint fans with the release of his new verse on “At It Again.” Joining forces with Reason, Rock comes through with a firm reminder of why he’s one of the coldest MCs on TDE. Rock glides through the horn-heavy production for his first offering of the year and matches Reason’s high energy. It’s a verse that highlights Jay Rock’s successes from getting it out of the mud to establishing himself in hip-hop. Thankfully, he also gave fans a little update on what he has in store for this year. “Top Dawg hit me like ‘we at it again,’ Rock comin’ soon, new bag for the win,” he raps.

Earlier this year, Top Dawg confirmed that there were a handful of projects from the label on the way. He confirmed Jay Rock would drop this year while also hinting at a potential Black Hippy EP.

Reason – At It Again (remix) (ft. Jay Rock) (prod. Coleman, Motif Alumni & Tariq Beats)

26 May 2023
1 Song, 2 minutes
℗ 2023 Top Dawg Entertainment


[Chorus: REASON]
At it again
I said ain’t no turnin’ back, but I’m at it again
Ayy, back to the wins (Back to the wins)
Say she don’t usually do this, but she at it again

[Verse 1: REASON]
New Coupe (Big body, bitch)
This shit impeccable
Say she don’t usually do this, I’m exceptional
New diamonds shinin’, I just added vegetables
Headed to millies
I write my future, it’s easy, it’s legible
Shout out my credit, incredible
Big gas, I been smokin’ on medical
Big body waste, that is my schedule
I’m at it again (At it again)
Just hit a model, it’s raisin’ my status again
It’s Top Dawg, ho, we got the advantage again
Niggas braggin’ in they raps, that shit regular
Got more than most, feel I ain’t did enough
Top send the check, that shit a pick-me-up
Phone calls, I got cells my cellular
Moms good, Pops good, that’s the level up
Why you ain’t winnin’? ‘Cause you ain’t good enough
My success is a big lesson, you bitch
Wild nigga, I been reckless, bitch
Comin’ straight for your necklace, bitch

[Chorus: REASON &Jay Rock]
Ayy, I’m at it again
I said ain’t no turnin’ back, but I’m at it again (At it again)
Ayy, I’m back to the wins (Ayy, ayy)
Say she don’t usually do this, but she at it again

[Verse 2: Jay Rock]
Top Dawg hit me like “We at it again”
Rock coming soon, new bag for the win
Slim thick thing with some ass on the end
And the boat came right, now I land when I spin
Everything is intake, don’t effect the bottom line
Niggas got the shit face, dealin’ crazy dollar signs
Even though my bitch bad, everything I got is mine
Thirty and I’m still winnin’, guess I been on my lil’ grind
Can’t be talkin’ just to be talkin’
When I do talk, it’s never often
Tryna run Central like Nip did on Slauson
Julio in the teacup on a saucer
G Wagon pull up, a hundred to park it
Neiman Marcus, five bands on fabric
It ain’t costly, eastside new swag
Can’t get it often, kill ’em softly
Mmm, yeah, Eastside Johnny put on for the set
Watts Ambassador, cut me the check
Pop on the passenger, know that she wet
How you think that the pee got in yo’ bed?
Can’t take it back, yeah, you heard what I said
Plus I been eatin’, they full but I’m flesh
Spreading my wings, yeah, you know what it is
We at it again, yeah, yeah

[Chorus: REASON]
Ayy, I’m at it again
I said ain’t no turnin’ back, but I’m at it again
Ayy, I’m back to the wins
Say she don’t usually do this but she at it again

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