Rema’s “Charm” song gets an official sped-up version

Date 2023-07-31

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Listen to the Sped Up version of Rema’s melodious monster hit, “Charm” produced by London.

Experience the exhilarating Sped Up version of Rema’s melodious monster-hit, “Charm,” masterfully produced by London. This thrilling remix takes the original track to new heights, showcasing Rema’s incredible vocals and London’s exceptional production skills in an exciting and fast-paced rendition.

The Sped Up version of “Charm” delivers an electrifying musical experience, where Rema’s mesmerizing voice dances effortlessly over the infectious beats crafted by London. The tempo is heightened, adding a sense of urgency and energy that will have you dancing and grooving along from the very first note.

London’s production prowess shines through in this remix, as he skillfully weaves together vibrant instrumentals, intricate rhythms, and captivating melodies, creating a sonic landscape that is both dynamic and enchanting. The result is a reimagined version of “Charm” that is sure to leave you captivated and wanting more.

As you immerse yourself in the Sped Up rendition of “Charm,” you’ll discover a whole new dimension to the song’s beauty and charm. Rema’s soulful vocals soar effortlessly, while the lively beats keep you hooked and engaged throughout the track.

This remix is a testament to Rema’s artistry and London’s production genius, highlighting the magic that can be created when two exceptional talents collaborate. Whether you’re a longtime fan of Rema or discovering his music for the first time, the Sped Up version of “Charm” is a must-listen that will leave you awe-struck and exhilarated.

So get ready to be swept off your feet and transported into a world of musical magic with the Sped Up version of Rema’s “Charm,” produced by the talented London. Allow the infectious rhythms and Rema’s enchanting vocals to take you on a thrilling and unforgettable musical journey. Get ready to be charmed!

Rema – Charm (Sped Up) (prod. London)

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31 July 2023
1 Song, 3 minutes
℗ 2023 Mavin Records/Jonzing World

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