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Rich Brian – New Tooth (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Rich Brian drops the video for the “New Tooth” song self-produced with Diamond Pistols. Listen, stream, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download.

Rich Brian New Tooth

Rich Brian New Tooth

Rich Brian is back with a new single, “New Tooth.”  Produced by frequent collaborator, Diamond Pistols, “New Tooth” finds Rich Brian going insane over a heavy, piano-driven instrumental. Spitting for what feels like three minutes straight, the “Run It” rapper flexes his lyrical prowess and ability to switch flows seamlessly across every part of the song.

With a beat switch just under two minutes in, “New Tooth” transforms from intense and urgent to a more laid back, Sunday afternoon stroll-type record and Rich Brian handles it with ease. Skating all over both halves of the Diamond Pistols instrumental, Rich Brian shows a maturity on “New Tooth” that we haven’t necessarily seen before.

Accompanied by war-inspired visuals, “New Tooth” is much more serious than the title implies, and is an example of Rich Brian at his absolute best.

Rich Brian – New Tooth (prod. Rich Brian & Diamond Pistols)

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Part I


[Verse 1]
It’s a simple question, do you got it or not?
I been talkin’ to God ’bout the garage
Afford the crib that I still haven’t bought
Boat rockin’, my thoughts goin’ too fast
And irrational, I need the 42 on the rocks, wait, uh
I’m the ambassador, meanin’ I gas up the land I came from
Makin’ rain and the money lookin’ like ransoms
And my brain, know I’ll steady the man, the answers
I’ve been feeling like I’m fightin’ with my thoughts
In the motherfuckin’ mansion a lot
Punchin’ the bag while he listenin’ to the box
Uh-uh, I’m ’bout to get my shit rocked
Uh-uh, I need to call up my pops
I’m killin’ the pain, I’m feelin’ the change
I’m a villain towards the ones that shit on my name
You better think twice about the moves that you make
When your heart is closed, man, the truth is a race

Ayy, don’t disturb, I’m in the booth
Ayy, my neck shinin’ like my tooth
Ayy, your bitch tryna reproduce
Ayy, DM’s open, I’ma shoot
Uh, don’t disturb, I’m in the booth
Ayy, my neck shinin’ like my tooth
Ayy, your bitch tryna reproduce
Ayy, DM’s open, I’ma-

[Verse 2]
I got options, lil’ bitch, you do not know where I been
France seven AM, I’m a fan of ménage
Just landed up in Japan, filled my body with toxins
More of a reason to leave my ambition
I breathe in the tobacco, smoke
I eat the roach, then I do my deeper stroke
I’m ’bout to run a mile on these bitches
I’m chiropractor’, crack smiles on these bitches
I’m twenty-one, tryna make nine-ten milly
I’m twenty-nine, worried ’bout size of the pentagon
Just got the shoes that’s red like filet mignon
[?] got magic, I thought she was Hermion
Uh, I meant Hermione, uh
Switchin’ rhyme and I’m feelin’ uninspired
What’s better than sippin’ gin and findin’ my soul in clarity
I’m burryin’ my sins, a blessin’ is on my evidence, ayy
I’m a business man without a business plan
Racks in plan, the feds abra kadabra
The new illuminati ain’t the mantra, uh
I ain’t fuckin’ you unless it’s tantric
Gotta walk out slowly, I’m usually dramatic
I’m a raw-dog life, I ain’t doin’ no habits
I’m a star from the start, they be callin’ me Patrick
And a white girl mouth like a giant tarantula

Part II

Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, yeah
Ayy, yeah, ayy, yeah

I been dealin’ with some wack-ass motherfuckers
Thinking they can backstab
Make ’em feel the pain like I’m in Jackass
Hit it, I’m livin’, I’m rippin’ out the page
They been askin’ “Where the raps at?”
I don’t need the bread, I been givin’ to the fam
Get the job done like TaskRabbit
Pull off on the gas, I can not find the passion
On my CashApp everyday lookin’ at coins like
“What am I doin’?”, like “Where do I go?”
Man, I really gotta get the right dose
You really gotta come to my shows
Man, this shit is open
Rock the Chanel like my name Frank Ocean
I dress while you in that beat long shit
I’m payin’ out the bills though
Money been multiplyin’ like a nympho
Do I really need a crib on the hills though?
It’s probably gon’ be good for my mental
I pop out, man, I was a drop-out
Whip louder than the rappers arguing on Clubhouse
I’ma throw the hands whenever I go on the rundown
When it’s time to but don’t wanna do it like I’m Bow Wow
Stop the hate, just walk away, lil’ bitch
They gon’ make it home and see the kids
I’m awake and I ain’t duckin’ out
Peace and quiet shit, runnin’ out of time
Might call ’em up, like stay home
Fuck the sessions that you got
Tell ’em you can’t make the drive
This plane on a bad day
Saw the damn coke, I don’t know if I got 911 to die
The shit done made me cry
Man, the shit ain’t civilized
I ain’t born to die, I need to stay a while

I need to stay a while
I ain’t born to die

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