Rod Wave drops new “Call Your Friends” track (+Lyrics)

Date 2023-08-20

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Rod Wave drops the music video for the new “Call Your Friends” track priduced by BeatsbyTrain, Ryan Bevolo, Prod. Landers & McCoy (Producer).

Rod Wave is someone who is known for a couple of signature sounds. Firstly, the fans know him for his voice which is incredibly powerful. He is more of a singer than he is a rapper. However, this makes him unique, and there are plenty of fans out there ready to support his every move. Secondly, Wave is known for having emotional tracks. Whether it be heartbreak or the turmoil of everyday life, the artist is not afraid to get vulnerable. Some people have made fun of him for this, although his true supporters love this side of him.

Over the last few months, fans have been waiting and praying on a brand-new Rod Wave project. Well, it seems like he is answering those prayers. Just yesterday, he revealed that he would be coming through with a new project called Nostalgia. This project is coming out on September 15th, which is exactly four weeks away. To help promote the project, he has just delivered a new single called “Call Your Friends.”

Throughout this single, we get that iconic Rod Wave sound. He gets introspective throughout the track, while also speaking on friendships and how we need to stick together. The song is beautifully sung, and the instrumentation matches up quite nicely. Ultimately, this is a great track that you need to give a listen. It also serves as a solid preview for his upcoming project.

Rod Wave – Call Your Friends (prod. BeatsbyTrain, Ryan Bevolo, Prod. Landers & McCoy (Producer))

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18 August 2023
1 Song, 2 minutes
℗ 2023 Alamo Records, LLC/Sony Music Entertainment

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Mm, I been up for three nights tryna plan out my life
I been livin’ so wrong but I just wanna do right
It’s like I did her so wrong but wanted her to be my wife
Wanna pack up my clothes, my kids and catch us a flight
They gettin’ older
I never wanted them to know how it feel to come from a broken home
My fault, guess I did it all wrong
Park the Rolls truck, ain’t drove that thing in a minute
I don’t even know why I bought it, really hate the attention
I said it was the look on my mama face when I did it
But really it was my pride, ready to say it ain’t rented
Can’t get lost in the sauce, caught in money competitions
Whats the point of an Instagram image when you got millions for real?
You really got them millions for real
Seven in the mornin’, my shit buzzin’ and bangin’
All day my phone ring, ever since I been famous
Everybody got the perfect scheme to get us some paper
Tryna make it seem it’s best for me and it ain’t no favor
If it wasn’t for favors, they’ll never call you
Sometimes I need someone to talk to
Sometimes this life can be confusing
Call your friends and ask how they doin’

I’m coolin’, most days I just be coolin’
Everybody got they own life and they own problems
This life’s too short for grudges, call ’em
To the girl who got my heart forever, open my line
To my niggas down the road, one call at a time
My phone never ring to see if I’m doing fine
Even though I be so caught up on the grind
Could you call me if I ever cross your mind?
Do I ever cross your mind?
If I ever cross your mind
Call me if I ever cross your mind
Do I ever cross your mind?
If I ever cross your mind
Please, call me


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