SAFE – All I Need (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

SAFE - All I Need

Singer, rapper, and songwriter, SAFE unveils the music video for the new song, “All I Need”. Listen, stream, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download.

Safe All I Need
Safe All I Need

Toronto’s SAFE appears to be moving at a fast pace this year. The singer has built a reputation off of releasing incredible music, then retracting from the limelight until he’s ready to drop again. Earlier this month, he dropped off his latest project, Get Home SAFE, which he appears to be expanding with new singles. This week, he shared his latest offering, “All I Need,” which he helped co-produced alongside Diego.

“This song is about the thrill of being in love with somebody, there’s nothing better than the first kiss,” he said about the song in a statement.

SAFE – All I Need


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[Verse 1]
I can’t let her, I could never
Make any other plans, grab her by the hand
We danced all night
I remember, it was mid-November
She invite me to her home when she all alone
[?] and the night is all mine
Friends always hate on me
She never cared for them anyways
Girl, I don’t want you lookin’ back
Babe let’s celebrate, yeah
I’ll be by your side each and every day
Any day, everyday, any way
Fuck that nigga, he a lame, baby
You know I could give you everything

You’re all I need, all I need
You’re all I need, baby
You’re all I need, all I need
You’re all I need, baby, yeah

[Verse 2]
You’re my ecstasy, you’re my inner peace
Please don’t stress me, come bless me
Girl, you’re all I see (Ugh)
And my eyes wide open, yeah
I’m outside, no caution
And I won’t hit the brakes, came a long way
Yeah, you know I came a long way
Deep throatin’, oh you nasty
Girl, don’t keep it classy
I’ll be Jamie, you’ll be Fancy
You roleplay with me
That shit water like a beach
If they call, I’m out of reach
I’m diving in the deep
Now I got you, my-

You’re all I need, all I need
You’re all I need, baby (You’re all I, you’re all I)
You’re all I need, all I need
You’re all I need, baby, yeah (You’re all I need)

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