Saga & Thelonious Martin – Yesterday (ft. Fashawn) (Audio, Lyrics)

Saga & Thelonious Martin - Yesterday (ft. Fashawn) (prod. Thelonious Martin)

Throwback to & ’s collaboration titled “’ which features . Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download and read the lyrics to the song produced by Thelonious Martin.

Saga & Thelonious Martin Yesterday
Saga & Thelonious Martin Yesterday

Saga & Thelonious Martin – Yesterday (ft. Fashawn) (prod. Thelonious Martin)



So far so good so far away
So so somedays so hard to say

So no don’t have no time to play
And no didn’t say
Didn’t have time pray

Got passion that grows
When the cash running low
The tank is on E
And the weather is cold

A broken soul
Standing over this broken mold
A token of rock n roll
All heart from start to close

Like sweat shops
No key for these dread locks
Shooting fish in a barrel
Firing in a sweat box

Collateral damage
Unintended consequences
Never ending stream of thought
No punctuation rambling on


A young gunner
A gun runner
Saying fuck the game—
Its shocking like i cum thunder

And theres no winner
All sinners all kidding a side
All living to die
We’re all living a lie


So far so hood
Go hard y’all should
Like muah, mischevious type boy
I recollect disrespect
On my behalf
Miscellaneous robberies
Steal, my momma brags for
It was like yesterday
I requested extra ya
Baby on the way
Couple dirty debts to pay
Not a pot to piss
Nor anywhere to defecate
That all change
Once my daughter touched the second grade
C4 on my chest
Hope it don’t detonate
And fuck section eight
That ain’t a inna celebrate
Now we talking’ real estate
Mind at a realer state
Grind at a different pace
Signs set a nigga straight
Done with my childhood ways
I was wild arranged
Now those memories miles away
I revolved and all of those problems resolved
Took my own bottle of pride
And i swallowed it all…ni**a

So faaaaaaaarr haha

It’s Sean

So far away solar child
Yeah they really miss your smile and your style
Was yesterday but it feels like a while
They act civilized but they’re wild

Yo they beg to differ
Beg for loose change for liquor
Taken what you left
Got their eyes on a shiksa

Fade like a mixer
Blade on his whisker
A name only whispered
From a roar to a whimper

Rosary around the neck
A shrine on the corner
Portrait of christ
Shot fired like a warning

A flash from the muzzle
Cash by the stack
Loyalty to highest bidder
Who got your back

It’s where everything’s for sale
Pimping the tournament
Golden grin-
Grills looking like a hood ornament

A toast to the most wretched
Ghost in your post presence–
Hoping tomorrow has the answers
For todays questions


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