Scar Lip – This Is Cali (ft. Snoop Dogg) (Audio, Lyrics)

Date 2023-05-20

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Scar Lip unveils the new song, “This Is Cali” featuring Snoop Dogg. Listen, stream, buy track.

Snoop Dogg and Scar Lip have finally dropped off their highly anticipated remix of the rising Bronx rapper’s “This is New York” track — see the song’s visualizer below.

Released on Thursday (May 18), “This is Cali” hears the MCs deliver a fiery performance while maintaining the original track’s gritty vibe and bringing their perspective East and West Coast flavors.

Having taken over the internet since its release last month, “This is New York” has helped shine a light on the 22-year-old rapper.

“N-gga move, don’t you see these gangstas on yo ass?/ N-gga move, who ain’t go no problem taking all your cash/ N-gga move, now this bitch n-gga talking fast/ Got him on his knees, crying, beggin for a pass/ I ain’t got no time for the lovely dovey shit/ We at LAX on yo ass, carousel six/ All you see blood n-ggas, eses, and hella crips,” Snoop raps on the new version.

While the track only features Scar’s original verse, it still holds up and continues to assert her status as a force to be reckoned with.

“I ain’t got time for that lovey-dovey shit/ All that heartwarmin’, ‘How you feelin’?, Gimme huggie’ shit/Bitch, I don’t wanna smile, bitch, I wanna cry/ I don’t wanna see him live, I wanna see that n-gga die.”

Scar revealed last week that, after a bit of persistence, she had approached the West Coast legend about the remix. He replied: “Fuck yes,” and they hopped on FaceTime to finish the deal.

The Snoop co-sign arrives after Scar Lip received praise from fellow Bronx native Cardi B – which left the burgeoning star in tears as she continues to elevate her career.

In other Snoop-related news, the rapper recently shared his hilarious reaction to a bizarre “Gin & Juice” AI rendition that features a mash-up of a signature song from The Jungle Book.

Tha Doggfather reacted to the odd combination in an Instagram video earlier this week, which intersperses his 1993 Doggystyle hit with the Disney film’s singalong song “The Bare Necessities.”

While at first Snoop didn’t seem to be feeling the remix, he eventually started to mouth along to his not-so-kid-friendly lyrics and get into a groove with the off-putting combination of songs.

He tagged longtime collaborator and producer FredWreck and offered a flurry of emojis in approval that included a laughing face.

Scar Lip – This Is Cali (ft. Snoop Dogg) (prod. FredWreck)

May 19, 2023
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