Show Dem Camp – “Align” (ft. LadiPoe) [Audio, Lyrics]

Date 2021-07-12

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Off the new project, Clone Wars Vol. 5 – The Algorhythm, Show Dem Camp unveils Spax-produced “Align” piece featuring rapper, LadiPoe. Listen, read the lyrics, stream, buy the song.

Show Dem Camp Align

Show Dem Camp Align

Show Dem Camp – Align (ft. LadiPoe) (prod. Spax)


[Verse 1: Tec]
Align With the king’s from the get go
Align with the camp cos they special
Align cos the time done dey come
When they separate
The real from the kleptos
You had a head start
No more expo guy
Just align
With African women they’ve been designed to
Lead us to the finishing line
Omo in time
We will see all the power
Inside where it resides
So chappie as they’re grabbing the wheel
You step aside and align
With your emotions
And bring them into focus
Your intuitions key
So it’s time you start to notice
That everything has purpose
And everything has meaning
You scratch beneath the surface
The route may not be scenic
Align with the creator
The universe
The maker
Whatever lens
You choose to comprehend
That which is greater
Olodumare, jah
The alpha the omega
Prepare them for the savior
No Matter what it takes

My guy just Align (x2)

[Verse 2: Ladipoe]
Align where I’m mentally
With the place that I’m meant to be
Theres no difference between the blind
And those who pretend to see
Every comic I’ve ever read
Theres this line that they’ve always shared
Sometimes your alter ego is your truest identity
I’m live authentically
Can you say that with your chest
Energy is so connected
Life is domino effects
So be done with any dummy
Who just doesn’t know to check
And align with their inner spirit
You can feel it in the sex
I don’t pretend to get it myself
Sometimes I fell
Wasn’t enough
I tensioned myself
Really not contending with these haters or rappers for belts
OLADIPUPO damn – an extension of wealth
Not everyone can see it so they call it vision
No dey blame your papa for your poor decisions
Word of afvice before my time spent
Even mechanics know theres no drive without alignment

If we getting to the bag that’s cos we are
No time to be wishing that the stars
My guy just align (x2)

[Verse 3: Ghost]
This goes out to all my people constantly stressing how life is hard
Swear it doesn’t cost you much to pay attention just some head space
A 25 to lifer if we talking bars
Every sentence used unlocks your systems app now that’s a jailbreak
Unauthorized in this matrix and yet its fair play
Cuz I Align with what resonates as a template
And spreading love by pollinating these airwaves
Keep the flows smashing like bunnies
Oh yeah we hare (hair) raise
Forget December man get detty all year round
Who knows tomorrow boys might not be around
Live for the here and now /while planning for the worst
Put in that work
Cuz adultings not easy I swear down as in
Just ask, all my people who got mouths to feed
Like WOJ announcements G
These streets are legit
It’s got us
Hitting the joint like it’s gout disease
Just to align with what amounts to cheese
Stick to the script

If we getting to the bag that’s cos we are
No time to be wishing that the stars
My guy just align (x2)

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