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Slimelife Shawty – “Baby Boy” [Audio, Lyrics, Video]

Musical artist, Slimelife Shawty unveils the visual for a piece of new music titled “Baby Boy”, produced by ATL Jacob. Watch the video, listen, stream, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download the song.

Slimelife Shawty Baby Boy

Slimelife Shawty Baby Boy

Atlanta rapper Slimelife Shawty has returned with his new single “Baby Boy,” following up his recent “No Brakes” with a melodic and low-key drop. Taking to an emotional instrumental from ATL Jacob, Shawty sets the stage with a reflection on his journey so far. As he tells it, it hasn’t exactly been an easy one. “Pain all I felt but shit I’m alright,” he sings. “This pain never left but I’ma be alright.”

Slimelife Shawty – Baby Boy (prod. ATL Jacob)


This shit colossal you know I’m saying
Watch me prosper nigga
ATL Jacob ATL Jacob

[Verse 1]
Fuck ’em if they left ’cause everything is alright
Pain all I felt but shit I’m alright
This pain never left but I’ma be alright
If Payne still there then we gon’ be alright
Got my show start diggin’
They weren’t digging me, I can dig it
Oh now you’re feelin’ me, I can feel it
They envy I’m winnin’ it’s killin’ no kizzy

Baby boy no Wayne no ceilings
Baby boy from rags to riches
Baby boy I had to get it
Long as they print it, baby boy gettin’ it

[Verse 2]
I admit it, I’m the one that did it
Feel like I’ve been walkin’ down Bleveland for a minute
But now I ride with switches
But I can’t be talkin’ ‘bout that type shit, that type shit that send a nigga to the penitentiary
They hate ‘cause I’m from Cleveland, oops I mean Bleveland
I’m not Quando when none roll bitch I’m bleedin’
Actin’ like you throw up what you drinkin’ nigga
Give me a reason
Glocks with us and Glocks with them
Pop at us we droppin’ him
He flex he bang he think he gang he come around and we robbin’ him
I done hit a whole lotta licks with my partner n them
We done did a whole lotta shit that’s why they shoppin’ here (on God)
Even though I’ve been player, I’m talkin’ ‘bout been player
I can’t lie like thank God ambush smoke I inhale
I know I’m in hell
Everywhere they say the slime can’t go you know I went there
We really went there
Okay I heard the boy want smoke with me
You ain’t even a [?] G
He know that ain’t no poachin’ me
I’ma leave his ass where the roaches be
Checkmate leave you where I [?] you standin’
You got served plus you know these diamonds dancin’
Lil Durk what’s happenin’
Young Thug what’s happenin’
Rudy what’s happenin’
Big Boo what’s happenin’
Droptop coupe, lookin’ for who is [?]
[?] what’s happenin’

Baby boy no Wayne no ceilings
Baby boy from rags to riches
Baby boy I had to get it
Long as they print it, baby boy gettin’ it
Baby boy no Wayne no ceilings
Baby boy from rags to riches
Baby boy I had to get it
Long as they print it, baby boy gettin’ it

[Verse 3]
I’m a mastermind, look how I mastered mine
They say slow money better than no money but I want that faster car
Won’t play with yours, so don’t play with mine, you’d be a bastard dime (dickhead)
Fuck my feelings, out my feelings ’cause I’m living now
I pop shit no wheelies now, hotboxes to millions now
Hotboxes to millions now
And that no kizzy needed
Back then there wasn’t beef now Shawty poppin’ now they want beef with me
Free Wayne he showed me to try hard
Big Boo really showed me to cry hard
Free Tay and Clock they showed me how to dug and pull that scrap out
My dawg gone and but he still told ’em not to tap out (for sure)
Damn Rudy why you cap out
I was out, but now I’m back in my feelings (oh okay)
Feel like I gotta do a whole lotta killing (oh okay)
Just to get some healin’ nigga
I can’t lie that shit got killed me nigga
I’ma make ‘em feel it nigga
It’s better living soon
It’s better living soon
It’s better living soon
I’m talkin’ ’bout soon
I hope it’s soon

I say better living, better living, better living, better living
For all of us, I’m talkin’ ‘bout all of us

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