Smoke Boys – No Heart (Audio, Video)

Smoke Boys - No Heart

unveils yet another song titled “”. Listen, watch the video, buy, mp3 download the song.

Smoke Boys No Heart
Smoke Boys No Heart

Smoke Boys have been staples in the UK hip-hop scene for years. Prior to the rise of UK Drill, they were leading the way for the road rap scene that arguably planted the seed for where the sound of the UK is now. These days, it feels like they aren’t releasing music at the same rate as they once were but they still got heat for the streets. This week, the London collective emerged with their latest single, “No Heart.” With eerie production backing them, the crew lurks through the streets of London with tales of the road life, the risks, and the rewards that come with it.

Smoke Boys – No Heart

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Quotable Lyrics
Used have things on bikes
Now, we on stage, hands on mics
Back then, rusty gauge, stuffed few shells
Run for your life

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