SoloSam unveils new song, “Motorbike Freestyle”

SoloSam - Motorbike Freestyle (prod. SOLOSAM)

unveils a self-produced song titled “”. Listen, stream, buy the song.

Solosam Motorbike Freestyle
Solosam Motorbike Freestyle

Chicago rapper SoloSam remains one of the most skilled storytellers on the underground scene, showing off his sharp flows over a mid-tempo beat for “Motorbike Freestyle.”

The rapper has been rising up for the last few years, becoming a creative staple in Chicago’s underground rap scene, always putting on for his city. Following the release of his latest single “Traffic Jam,” SoloSam has released his new self-produced “Motorbike Freestyle.” Much as the title suggests, the freestyle lacks a traditional song structure, placing a focus on the verses before introducing a simple hook, which repeats at the end of the record. The young rapper is definitely in his bag though.

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SoloSam – Motorbike Freestyle (prod. SOLOSAM)

Quotable Lyrics:

We are not the same, check the frame, I’m an XL
When I put my spread to the sheet, watch me Excel
N***as cannot breathe in my heat, I just exhale
What it’s like to take an L? Ask how my ex feel


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