Sonnyjim & The Purist – Barz Simpson (ft. MF DOOM & Jay Electronica) (Audio, Lyrics)

Date 2022-08-22

Category Foreign Music, Lyrics, New Music

Sonnyjim & The Purist unveil the new “Barz Simpson” track with MF DOOM & Jay Electronica. The song was produced by The Purist.

Sonnyjim & The Purist White Gilrs Wasted

Sonnyjim & The Purist White Gilrs Wasted

“I paint a picture like Salvador / Good God, what a matador,” the former begins his verse. “Retrieve all the sheets while the wolves was asleep / What a mighty fine day for a metaphor, huh / Like Adele, hello from the other side / The flow is paranormal, the show was another vibe.”

Sonnyjim & The Purist – Barz Simpson (ft. MF DOOM & Jay Electronica) (prod. The Purist)


[Verse 1: SONNYJIM]
Threw on a Moncler, left the lodge, shot the deer
Smoked a spliff with the Swiss chocolatier
Tap your pocket, flossing
Out in Florence with a Saint Tropez model and a ounce of orange
Tax dodgin’, smokin’ that Moroccan
In the trap cropping, Baggerman cotching
Next week, I’m out in France yachting
Two grand in my back pocket, cop this on the black market
Gourmet dish, I covered all bases
County court cases, a quarter case at the horse races
Tom Ford framin’
Hoppin’ off the boat blazin’, blud, I dress for the occasion
The shrimp’s cajun, my chef’s Asian
I pop a quaalude and feel famous
My side chick sniffs at the situation
Sniffed the Ronald Reagan off the invitation, Freemason
Freebasing, free agent, out of reach
Spend the week at the Presidential suite with a freak playing
Layin’ in the cut like we DJing
I pay attention to the detailing, uh
I’m all over my Anna Kournikova
I had to call her over, Casanova
Pop the cork on the four poster
Score a goal like Zola and take home the Gorgonzola
Gorbachev chop the yola, roll the Utopia
Black bottle Remy at the Grosvenor
I’m the composer, poser
Arrogant Adrien Broner, Sinatra, Sosa
Candy red roadster, Louis loafer
I spray a groupie with my Super Soaker, the Super Nova
Two tickets to Verona, high roller
I tell her, “Wake me up when the flight’s over”

[Verse 2: MF DOOM]
Salute, all brothers bless up
Even rappers up in daddy’s closet playing dress up
Real spiffy, spark a cigar for ya
Speak to only bosses, regards to your employer
Tom Sawyer, skedaddle, fake it ’til they make it
Three ratchets press up to they grill now strip naked
Nah, nah, nah, wait, pause, no whole meals
Loose change for first-class flights and phone bills
Dope kills, stress will get you faster
At often, open ocean, toastin’ the heat blaster
Bang-bang, you rang? DOOM got a new thang
Reunited like Wu-Tang, punks pay for poon-tang
If he into that
They said it’s more than one way to skin a cat
When it rap, give ’em dap, dead that
Yeah, you thought it was over, dingbat
Where you stash the thing at? Think back
Weeks later, found floatin’ in the river, with a king’s hat
Most precious things in life, you can’t bring back
Use your thinking cap, that’s what happens when you sing, rat
Months at it gets crazy in the drought
Slide off like a pimp, maybe it’s the gout
She looked-ed good, and smelt-ed like trout
Pregnant with a baby in her mouth, out and about

[Verse 3: Jay Electronica]
I paint a picture like Salvador
Good God, what a matador
Retrieve all the sheets while the wolves was asleep
What a mighty fine day for a metaphor, huh
Like Adele, hello from the other side
The flow is paranormal, the show was another vibe
Still rock valleys, cop my durag from Zallie’s
The alley cat with nine lives who renovated the alley
Every hole in the wall from Brooklyn to Saint Charles
From the chug-a-lug in Georgia to the fountains of Taj Mahal
Travel every square inch with me as the rhyme grow exponentially
The Roc is the team, when I swing, they clear the bench for me
Primadonna, draped in Loro Piana
Never crunch under pressure like Cuba and men of honor
What do you expect, your honor? The Tidal red dope
We plant flags on our enemy’s sands and burn our boats
Coast to coast, it’s the great space coaster
Cállate la boca, say hello to my empty holster
Metamorph like a butterfly, pollinate like a bee
I represent for my nation like Muhammad Ali
Quality over quantity is the jewel I bless the haters with
The teachings of Elijah Muhammad to keep my saber lit
Abracadabra, once I flash, I’m Audi
My detractors contemplate from the mat like Ronda Rousey


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