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Mpmania Mix 39

Mpmania Mix 39

Sxmpra – Lockjaw! (Audio, Lyrics, Visualizer)

Musical act, Sxmpra releases the new “Lockjaw!” produced by Dozy Doe. Listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy the track,, mp3 download.

Sxmpra Lockjaw!

Sxmpra Lockjaw!

SXMPRA made a name for himself as a buzzing figure in phonk music. For those unaware, the genre is a sort of update to Memphis-style rap instrumentals, with its frequent use of bell melodies, plucky synths, and compressed instrumentation.
“’GOD MODE!’ was made in the exact same setting as “LOCKJAW,” but only the day before,” SXMPRA stated. “Dozy made this beat after I suggested he watch the movie Midsommar, which he found himself inspired by. This track doesn’t necessarily have a story behind it, but a story can be found in the pure aggression of the track. It’s up for interpretation!”

Sxmpra – Lockjaw! (prod. Dozy Doe)

December 9, 2022
1 Song, 2 minutes
℗ 2022 SXMPRA LIMITED, under exclusive license to 10K Projects

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I got
Dried black
On my t shirt

Little rappers
On my back
Till my knees hurt

Pants sag
Nuts hang
Make em eat curb

Jumped up
But a mothafucka seen worse

One two three bodies drop to the deck like
Creepin out the mothafuckin dirt no rest
Got a fo five
Pointed at my mothafuckin chest
Put a finger on the trigger and we’ll se what’s next

Keep a blade
In my sock
If it pops off
I don’t do beef
But ya leave with a rocked jaw
Lock jaw
Biting like a bully bitch I’m locked on
Really wanna make a milly i succeed and then I log off

Fuck with kid oh no
Mothafucka bump in the whip fo sho
Really wanna buck with the kid like woah
Wanna be the mothafucka with a bag
And a sold out show like

I’m aimin for the top and bitch I won’t ever stop I got paper to drop

When I’m Creepin leavin em shocked

I keep on
Levelling up and I’m bettering I am the reaper I come for the kill

I just and pushin and pushin I’m doin my thang and I’m beating these fuckas at will

Never be one in the masses I’m comin for mansions I’m runnin I run up the bills

I am a demon I’m feigning The fuckas are dreamin I’m seekin a bag of a mill

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