Three 6 Mafia – Da Summa (Audio, Lyrics)

Date 2020-05-26

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Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download, read the lyrics to “Da Summa” by Three 6 Mafia. The song was co-produced by DJ Paul & Juicy J.

Three 6 Mafia Da Summa

Three 6 Mafia Da Summa

In many ways, Three 6 Mafia paved the way for the Southern trap sound of today — uptempo percussion and dark, ominous soundscapes were the bread and butter of Juicy J and DJ Paul. Today marks the 25th anniversary of the group’s classic debut album Mystic Stylez, a project that introduced the legendary crew to the game and helped shape the horrorcore hip-hop movement as we have come to know it. While the entirety of Mystic is lined with spooky bangers, one of the album’s highlights arrives during one of the more laid-back moments — track three, “Da Summa.”

Three 6 Mafia – Da Summa (prod. DJ Paul & Juicy J)


[Intro: Lord Infamous]
Uh huh, the Three 6 Mafia loungin’ in the studio
Finna give y’all a little demonstration
Of how we kick it here in the M-town
Finna drop it somethin’ like this

[Verse 1: DJ Paul]
See in Memphis, them players be kind of like laid back
In some clean ass rides, blunts in the sack, I’m blowin’ a pack
Hittin’ the park about three, sometimes a little later
The last day of the week and they couldn’t get any greater
They leaving the park and hittin’ the South Park strip, ride
The South Gatin’ skatin’ ring later on that night
We in the lot bumpin’ our underground rap tapes
Paul and Juicy part 2 and for another one, they just couldn’t wait
We back at the crib sweatin’ in a lil’ room
W-30’s, SP-12’s and MPCs we use
Straight from the 4 track, to a simple cassette
That’s through a pimpsta’s mode
Now it’s time to hit the stereos stores, collect
We at the club Friday’s and Saturday’s special request made
Me and Juice Man hit the tables, Koop and Scarecrow rock the stage
Bangin’ so bunk, they’re some fools always gotta start a fight
They usually made us close up early that night
In the summer, in the summer

With my crew we just ride
Ridin’ through the hood with my homies gettin’ smoked out
In the summer (x4)

[Verse 2: Koopsta Knicca]
Drunk off red dog as we ball through the mystic fog
Me, Scarecrow, Crunchy, Skinny, Gin and my roadie Paul
Fly got his mind up in the sky as we chiefin’ high
Black Glocks, that’s in the ride fiendin’ for a homicide
Some Tanqueray, grab my yay, with some little Gin
That’s how we always did it since I was a troubled kid
But we don’t stop
Cause our heart is pumpin’ blood like thunder
No man up in the trauma, head is broken in the summer

[Verse 3: Lord Infamous]
Seasons of summer the Scarecrow want the ceremonies
Till the sun sets me ease
Until the night fall breeze
Rise up to the darkness, listen close to noises in the streets
Grab my O-Z of Indonesia, 6 philly blunt leafs
Throw on me black khaki slacks and me black t-shirt
And my automatic gat in case I have to dig a plot of dirt
Then hit Paul up on his home, tell him to bring his slow ass on
So we can hit the honey comb before the ganja’s gone
The summer

With my crew we just ride
Ridin’ through the hood with my homies gettin’ smoked out
In the summer (x4)

[Verse 4: Juicy J]
Pass the E & J, Koop
Then let’s take a ride and shoot
To the high school, North Side where the players rule
I’m scopin’ all the freaks, with some weave and a sexy switch
“Can I get your number?”
“I got a man”
Well I’ma holla, trick
Ballin’ down valentine, one time on my mind
If they pull me over, I be hopin’ they won’t find the nine
Made enough from evergreen to holla at Blac and Cam
Chiefin’ on the blunts in the alley slangin’ boulder, yeah
Couldn’t forget my roadie big Kurt, Swally and Dion
Project Pat and the yam shootin’ teflon
Just a few homies who I grew up in the hood with me
And the ones in Orange Blossom Hubert University, yeah
It’s gettin’ late and now I’m ballin’ down Eldridge street
Blow my horn tryin’ to get this girl’ attention in front of me
Cause everyday I’m out there tryin’ to get a freak number
Thats how the Juice is, in the summer

With my crew we just ride
Ridin’ through the hood with my homies gettin’ smoked out
In the summer (x4)

[Outro: D.J. Paul]
That’s how we do it
So that’s how it is
The Three 6 Mafia in the house for the ’95
Straight from the M-town The Juice, DJ Paul, Lord Infamous, the Scarecrow
The Koopsta Knicca, and Crunchy Black
We out

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