Thundercat & Tame Impala – No More Lies (Audio, Lyrics)

Date 2023-04-27

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Thundercat & Tame Impala release a new piece of music titled “No More Lies.” This song was co-produced by Thundercat & Kevin Parker.

“No More Lies” is Thundercat’s first musical release as a lead artist since his fourth studio album It Is What It Is in April 2020. On the song, he and Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker croon about how both lies and truths in relationships can be equally hurtful in given circumstances.

Thundercat is easily one of the best bassists in the entire world. Overall, he has shown that time and time again with his recent albums. His style is so fun to watch and the sounds he makes are truly special. Although, a lot of his work goes under the radar as he is constantly helping compose for other artists. Regardless, Thundercat is an incredible musician whose talent should be commended. Unfortunately, it has been three years since he has released any music. Thankfully, that streak ended today.

Just moments ago, Thundercat unleashed a brand-new track that features the likes of Tame Impala. Subsequently, fans are speculating that an album could be on the horizon. However, Thundercat has yet to make that clear on his end. Either way, Tame Impala is an amazing psychedelic rock group that has dominated in their space. Now, working with Thundercat, they have helped develop the new single “No More Lies.”

Overall, this song is a psychedelic twist on soulful music, which is what you would want from a collaboration like this. Firstly, the basslines really stick out here as Thundercat sounds amazing, as per usual. Secondly, the shimmering guitars and reverbed drums fit nicely as the bassist delivers those signature vocals. Kevin Parker of Tame Impala offers his voice to the track as well, and the two have great chemistry.

Thundercat & Tame Impala – No More Lies (prod. Thundercat & Kevin Parker)

25 April 2023
1 Song, 5 minutes
℗ 2023 Brainfeeder


I’m sorry, girl
Didn’t mean to drag you in my dreams
Baby, no more lies
Feeling free
That’s the way it’s supposed to be
For you and me
You and I both know it’s harder than it seems
Love is a two-way street
I’m letting go because the both of us don’t need to drive
Baby, it’s one at a time

That’s just the way it works
Or you and I keep getting hurt
We’re going to lose control of the wheel
So put your seatbelt on
I think we’re about to crash
In a world of pain
There’s so much work to do
So much to unpack
But it’s not your fault
I’m just kind of ass

It’s looking like I won’t be home for another year
Long left undone
‘Cause I might just drift on out of here
On the run
I’ll just be on my own
I’ll just be home alone
My troubles are my own
Unless she wants to come back

I’ll just be on my own
I’m dancing on my own
I’ll just stay on my own
Unless she wants to come back
Yeah, yeah

As you go out in the world
Don’t look back to move forward, there’s no time
In our lives
As you know
There’s something wrong in your mind (In your mind)
If you think there’s no pain in my heart
To say goodbye
Please don’t cry
I’m letting go

I’ll just be on my own
I’ll just stay home alone
My troubles are my own
Unless she wants to come back

I’ll just be on my own
I’m dancing on my own
I’ll just stay on my own

I mean, my longest relationship was like 7 years
Unless she wants to come back
And she, she was fine
Yeah, yeah
But I need to know what I’m doin’ between one to two years with you
Either way it goes
My therapist told me that I should tell you the truth
But you’re still angry
So sometimes I still feel like I should have lied
I tell you the truth because I care
But I also lie to you because I care
But if I tell you the truth I guess I can sleep better at night?
But then, it looks like I don’t care because I’m telling you the truth
I mean
I guess I’m just not a
Everybody hates when they get to that part when they realise that
I don’t wanna tell you I don’t care but if it seems like I don’t care
It doesn’t mean I don’t care
It just looks like I don’t care
Because my emotions have been sanded off
I live in LA, sweetie, what do you expect?


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