T.I. – Respect The Code (ft. Rick Ross) (Audio, Lyrics)

T.I. - Respect The Code (ft. Rick Ross) (prod. My Guy Mars)

T.I. also comes up with “Respect The Code” featuring Rick Ross. Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download and read the lyrics to the song produced by My Guy Mars.

T.i. Respect The Code
T.i. Respect The Code

T.I. is a legend when it comes to hip-hop and whenever he drops new music, fans pay attention. This was especially true on Friday as T.I. came through with his brand new project called The L.I.B.R.A. With this album, T.I. has come through with a lengthy body of work that is packed with features. One of these features is none other than Rick Ross on the track “Respect The Code.”

For hip-hop fans who love bars and rich instrumentals, “Respect The Code” is a must-listen. Here, we are given a jazzy instrumental with a brooding saxophone line that is repeated throughout the track. Meanwhile, Ross and T.I. trade verses about the “code” and tough decisions they have had to make as men.

T.I. – Respect The Code (ft. Rick Ross) (prod. My Guy Mars)


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My Guy Mars

[Verse 1: T.I.]
Hey, they say ignorance is bliss, huh? I guess niggas is so blissful
Do anything for dollars, the thought of havin’ a fistful
Make ‘em switch sides when it lookin’ grim and dismal
A coward dies a thousand deaths, no pistol
See fuck nigga do fuck shit ‘cause they got fucked up intentions to
Nigga got no principle, better watch who you listen to
I see it in your eyes, you weak, the lies you speak
And shit you do right now, where I’m from, you die in the streets
‘Cause, boy, that ho shit
I’m in the game, I ain’t worried what the coach said
And, boy, you lame, better watch how you approach that
All in your feelings, showin’ all of your emotions
I’ma be a chill nigga ’bout that ho shit

[Verse 2: T.I.]
All the drama, I love it, get an erection for it
Like go to Vegas, fight police, not get arrested for it
The smoke, I’m runnin’ to it, trouble with [?] it
And, hell, they blow it in your direction, you better be ready for it
Right, you’re humble, arrogant, oxymoron, anomaly
Egotistical activist, master solution strategist
Full-time family man, part-time politic
Trap nigga, fashion icon, I’m all of it
Don’t crucify the messenger
‘Cause the message real, you need to hear it
Absorb and let it sizzle in your spirit
To all these niggas goin’ out sad, actin’ all weird
You embarrassin’ yourself, lookie here, nigga

[Chorus: Kes Kross]
Oh, no, niggas don’t respect the code (Respect the code)
Oh, no, act like bitches, niggas act like hoes (They disrespect the code)
Catch insomnia, boy, don’t you sleep (Keep your eyes open)
Keep your eyes open (Your eyes), your eyes open

[Interlude: Rick Ross]
I wish I really knew how to sing for you, baby (They disrespect the code)
But since I can’t, I’ma count this paper in front of you and
Shower you with these gifts and (M-M-M-Mthey don’t respect the code)
I’ma tell you the best shit that come to my mind and (Maybach Music)
I want you to feel like I love you, baby

[Verse 3: Rick Ross]
Abu Dhabi, the penthouse slugs not for the amateurs
Calamari from California, came with cannabis (Came with cannabis)
Fill areas that put the team up on banisters
Pinkie rings and the other things that seen the gamblers
Count your acres, build your estates, we call it farm life
Talkin’ heavy, your chains sound hollow when you charm life
Pistol poppin’, you whip look polished and your broad’s nice
Ke-mo sah-bee, hundred kilos just on a calm night
Glad to see me, bowl of zucchini, call it mob life
Drop the top and call the models, yes, all the tall type
Bel-Air bottles back in Beverly Hills, we balled out
Biggest boss, I’m poppin’ dollars, fuck what you talkin’ ‘bout?
Hundred racks and no Cadillacs, now pull your cars out
See you fell in and feed the felons, so they think you jealous
Say you love him and write him letters, but you never mail him
Fax, I’m at the top because I’m chargin’ tax, ask

[Chorus: Kes Kross & Rick Ross]
Oh, no, niggas don’t respect the code (Respect the code)
Renzel, a.k.a Willy
Oh, no, act like bitches, niggas act like hoes (They disrespect the code)
The big fish, tell ‘em, uh
Catch insomnia, boy, don’t you sleep (Keep your eyes open)
Keep your open (Your eyes), your eyes open

You’re just a spectacle, you don’t respect the code

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