Tink – Toxic (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Date 2023-02-05

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Watch the music video for the “TOXIC” track by American female rapper, Tink, co-produced by Hitmaka, Dougie & Vianey OJ. Listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy the song, mp3 download.

Tink Toxic

Tink Toxic

Chicago rapper and singer Tink is back with a new song, the gorgeous and heart-ached “Toxic.” Moreover, the track is an exploration of a past relationship that she now regrets, conveying a lot of resentment and betrayed hindsight. Also, this is her first release since Pillow Talk dropped in August of 2022. Furthermore, the album featured 2 Chainz, G Herbo, Muni Long, and many more. Still, this solo outing displays Tink’s versatile talents, cutting lyricism, and measured sonic presentation. While you might know her for either her R&B or hip-hop escapades, you can’t deny her skill in either lane.

However, despite the track’s title, this is actually a very smooth and gorgeously produced cut. Sure, it only lasts two minutes and change, but its short sweetness means she punched in a lot of passion quickly. From the opening string melody, complemented with bright and soothing glockenspiel, the track continues its mellow trajectory. Moreover, the 27-year-old’s vocals soar prominently as the track’s main draw. Even if the instrumental backdrop is undoubtedly wondrous, it’s not enough to lessen the angst in Tink’s vocals. Still, it’s a compelling and dynamic mix of emotionally contrasting lyricism and instrumental prowess.

However, maybe you prefer a more even mix of the Chicago MC’s rapping and singing. For example, maybe you find this beat a little too slow. In that case, we’d recommend standout tracks from Pillow Talk like “Oooh Triflin” with Fabulous. Regardless, what did you think of Tink’s latest heart-ached but perseveringly beautiful new song, “Toxic”? Whatever the case, let us know in the comments and check out the music video and notable lines down below. Also, if you haven’t heard the track yet, you can find the ballad on your preferred streaming service.

Tink – Toxic (prod. Hitmaka, Dougie & Vianey OJ)

3 February 2023
1 Song, 2 minutes
℗ 2023 Winter’s Diary / WD Records / EMPIRE

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I fucked you even though I knew you were toxic
I’m messy too gravitate to the gossip
I fucked you even though I knew you were toxic
I’m messy too gravitate to the gossip

[Verse 1]
Tryna play on my energy
All these hoes envy me
Can’t show you what you meant to me
Fuck shit don’t get to me
I’m a real bitch not industry
Still waiting on a bitch to finish me
I was fucking on the enemy
I should’ve known

I fucked you even though I knew you were toxic (I knew you wеre toxic, I should’ve known)
I’m messy too gravitatе to the gossip (Gravitate to the gossip)

[Verse 2]
Shoulda stayed in my element
Bad bitch no settling
Broke hoes irrelevant
This pussy heaven sent
I know all these hoes prejudice
All my exes still stuck on this
Should’ve never let you fuck

I fucked you even though I knew you were toxic
I’m messy too gravitate to the gossip
I fucked you even though I knew you were toxic
I’m messy too gravitate to the gossip


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