Token – Caught on Camera (Audio, Lyrics)

Token - Caught on Camera

American rapper, Token unveils the song, “Caught on Camera” off the Pink Is Better project. Listen, stream, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download.

Token Caught On Camera
Token Caught On Camera

After raising the “white flag” on the album’s intro, Token tells a story about his ex-girlfriend finding out that he cheated on her.

His lies and disloyalty were literally “caught on camera”, something that he mentions a few times more later on the album.

Even though she found it out, her girlfriend didn’t break up with him immediately. They broke up two weeks later, as he said on “A Little Different”:

When she found them videos, made her rage a little different
Threw trust out the window and pained a little different
Couldn’t even fuck me ‘cause her memory too vivid
Two weeks later, we broke up a little different

After feeling guilty for the things that he had done to his ex, he embraced it as a part of him and found a way to live with it.

On the day of the album’s release, Token released the music video for the song. The video is missing the second verse and it stars Token and his current girlfriend.

Token – Caught on Camera


[Verse 1]
Ayy, poppin’ the shit, tonic and gin with a lime please
Two in the front, three in the back, I be five deep
If I get caught being too quiet, my guy D check if I’m good
“Yeah, bro, I’m good”, “Yeah, aight T”
Look at my girl, she lookin’ love, she beside me
Yes, she in love, she’s so in love, she don’t like me
Shit, when you know someone so well, you unlearn lot
Especially now, I’m holding it down but I just got caught on camera
I got a single type dick, I find chicks too thick with simple type wit
I might just take pic’ with any light-skin bitch
I’m with same shit, that been a slight risk
My life big, too big to get a tight grip
My night shift consists of big night string
I might just-just forget how different I get
When new friends, new regrets, the single life shit
I don’t like being tied down too much, you get it?
I’m the biggest shit inside my town, I gotta live it
Put a chick inside a nice nightgown, but you ain’t fittin’
Sleepin’ over I’m that type guy now, I like the feelings
Shit I used to be the type guy shy, I didn’t get it
Didn’t get the women I like now, Dominican
And women got many, I said “Wow, I wanna hit it”
When I hit it, I just do it for thirteen-year-old Token
Leave the door open, a couple on the way over
Tryna come at everyone like Jay up on a takeover
Guilt inside of me, I gave my life another makeover
Guilt inside of me, I gave my life another— (Shh-shh)
Shit, I’m tryna make it last so when I hit it, then I ain’t sober
I wake up with the guilt like it was given with a hangover
Pretty girl in the crib crying big, replaying the images
Of me bending two bitches over because I got caught on camera

[Verse 2]
Yeah, told lies in Dallas, Texas
Told lies through all Atlanta, threesomes in Massachusetts
My shit was caught on camera, she prides herself on love
She loved me more than world
I saw a change in her after she watch me fuck them girls
That’s five videos of guilt, that’s five videos of work
That’s five videos of eight-nine hoes who don’t look nothing like her
Them tears, they ran like kids in trouble, best excuse to break up
You ask that girl what evil look like, say “Pink fangs don’t hang up”
(Caught on camera) Now Toke a different dude, Toke got different rules
Toke finally got his own crib, now he fuck in all them rooms
I can’t say I don’t miss you, but I miss a lot these days
I miss a sober rush, I miss the love, I have to chase
Now I don’t change for none, that shit gon’ come to me
I don’t wan’ force it, this my real voice, I don’t like to scream
Today I found a letter from her, she signed it with two hearts
Them hearts were pink, I think
New bitch, she spreads them legs apart
Bright pink, I pick my favorite, but I’m so indecisive
One day I’ll raise the white flag to my emotions hiding
But now I’m red-hot, temptation red I bleed
That white flag is hard to find, let’s find it in between

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