Travis Scott releases music video for “GOD’S COUNTRY” (+Lyrics)

Date 2023-08-02

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From the album – Utopia, American rapper, singer, Travis Scott unveils the music video for the “GOD’S COUNTRY” song produced by 30 Roc, Dez Wright, ZenTachi & Travis Scott.

Now that Travis Scott’s new album UTOPIA is out in the world, we get to see just how this post-release rollout will continue. Moreover, it seems like La Flame started this process early, releasing a simple but powerful music video for the track “GOD’S COUNTRY.” In it, he takes a camera from some guys in a car and seemingly uses it to film people just living their lives in a neighborhood. There are fast bikes, some basketball and dancing, and above all, community members (mostly children) singing the songs’s lyrics. Even though it’s one of Trav’s simplest videos at first glance, it suggests that this is truly God’s country: the small and irreplaceable moments in your hometown.

Furthermore, the lyrics of the song reflect a lot of opulence, but also a lot of togetherness and emphasis on family and moving away from the noise. Of course, it’s fitting that this would be one of the first UTOPIA visuals we get, following the single “K-POP.” Not only is “GOD’S COUNTRY” one of the tracks Travis Scott teased the most in the lead-up to the project, but it’s also one of the most digestible and universal tracks on the LP. It’s not as expansive or dark as many other cuts, instead focusing on a short but concise musical mood.

Regardless, there are many fans out there that are probably waiting for something bigger than music videos to come from UTOPIA. After all, they waited for this album for five years; Travis Scott can’t just drop it, wipe his hands, and move on. Fortunately for them, it seems like the Houston artist wants to celebrate this with a lot of people- and volume. In one shot from the aforementioned “K-POP” music video, he teased a stadium tour for this album that’s sure to capture the minds, hearts, and ears of many. But please wear earplugs if you go, because this album will surely sound gargantuan in arena speakers.

Travis Scott – GOD’S COUNTRY (prod. 30 Roc, Dez Wright, ZenTachi & Travis Scott)

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28 July 2023
1 Songs, 2 minutes
℗ 2023 Cactus Jack Records under exclusive license to Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment


(La, la, la, la)
(La, la, la, la)
(La, la, la, la) (Watchin’ in)
(La, la, la, la)
Only one they watching in, yeah (La, la, la, la)
(La, la, la, la)
It ain’t up to you no more (More)
(La, la, la, la)
(La, la, la, la)
God Country, this is war (La, la, la)
(La, la, la)
(Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh) (La, la, la)
(La, la, la)

Wakin’ up, I see the light (Light, light, light)
I been drunk and it’s alright (‘Right, ‘right, ‘right)
I took the drive to clear my mental (Mental)
Would tint the whip but it’s a bike (Bike, bike, bike)
It’s demon time, I got it on me (On me)
Might earn a teardrop overnight (‘Night, ‘night, ‘night)
Wear Louis shades to block my psyche (Psyche)
It’s hot as hell, but where the ice?
You in God’s Country, not in Montgomery
Go Ted Bundy, then go home and play Al Bundy
The card black and you know it got a sky limit
I make a mill’ every—, you decide, choice is yours (Yeah)
(La, la, la)
The butterfly reflect the doors (Yeah) (La, la, la)
I hit the gas and metamorph (La, la, la)
Couldn’t get this shit off credit score (La, la, la)
Hunnid thousand pack the fans (La, la, la)
Got ’em jumpin’ with no hands (Hands, hands, hands) (La, la, la)
Need more spaces where we jam (Jam, jam, jam) (La, la, la)
In God’s Country wit’ the fam’ (Fam’, fam’, fam’,) (La, la, la)
Yeah, woah

(La, la, la)
(La, la, la)
Ooh-ooh (La, la, la)
(La, la, la)
Ooh-ooh (La, la, la, la)
(La, la, la, la)
Ooh-ooh (La, la, la, la)
(La, la, la, la)

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