Trippie Redd tags Lil Wayne on the new song, “I’m Mad At Me” (+Lyrics)

Date 2023-08-14

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Trippie Redd features Lil Wayne on “I’m Mad At Me” off the new project – A Love Letter To You 5. The piece of music was priduced by Igor Mamet, Anina Shona, BBYKOBE, O12 & ​niketaz.

Trippie Redd’s A Love Letter To You 5 is finally here, and it contains no shortage of varied tracks and highlights. While many might know the Ohio singer and rapper for his more emotive, rage-heavy, or melancholy cuts, he’s got a lot of different tools at his disposal. Moreover, when you also have the help of a legend and strong influence like Lil Wayne, you can make any great song you want. Furthermore, that’s exactly what the duo brought fans on “I’m Mad At Me,” which is a soul-chopping classic cut with a lot of clean sheen and crispness. It’s a welcome change of pace for Trippie who, with every new project, seems to add another skillset to his repertoire.

Of course, the beat is what will catch you attention on first impact, sounding like some of your favorite 2000s productions. With a powerful and dramatic vocal chop, the song’s sense of immediacy and importance is heightened to another level. Sure, the crisp and vibrant drum fills don’t always pop up across the track, but it makes their hits that much more ear-grabbing on the song. Melodically, Trippie Redd allows for subtle pianos, a slinky bassline, and faint guitar strums to lead the way. Lyrically, both MCs seem to focus on a relationship that they’re trying to balance with both their hardened backstory and their current fame.

Meanwhile, both verses contain steady and expertly handled flows, especially from Weezy who sounds calmer and more focused than usual. Considering that this was one of the tracks that Trippie teased right before this album’s release, it’s great to hear that it lived up to the hype. Here’s hoping that the 24-year-old plays with this sound more in the future while he picks up a few others on the way.

Trippie Redd – I’m Mad At Me (ft. Lil Wayne) (prod. Igor Mamet, Anina Shona, BBYKOBE, O12 & ​niketaz)

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11 August 2023
1 Song, 3 minutes
℗ 2023 1400 Entertainment, Inc. / 10K Projects

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You make me feel so nice (So nice)
Only with you by my side (Side, side, side)

[Verse 1: Trippie Redd]
Yeah, lookin’ back in the past, that shit was bad, I mean past tense
You get lit and burn bridges, and it ain’t the last ditch
You rather be mad at me than act happy and live rich
Ungrateful as shit
You must’ve forgot what bein’ poor like
That’s my fault, I’ll let you adapt to the tour life
Shit ain’t bright no more, it’s more like a sore sight
You don’t adore life, you like expensive things, I like trips and drinks
My dream’s really alive, you just a part of the life
Pardon me, I’m regressing back to the guy who was never particularly nice
This part of me ice, I try to be cordial, I feel like I coarse through
You said you would act right, I wish I recorded you (By my side)
Yeah, rich people problems, mansion full of attitude
I enable shit, I ain’t even really mad at you
You was such a good girl, look what a little cash’ll do (Pssh)
Oh, the wonders a little class’ll do
Comin’ through the crib, you was passive, like I was passin’ through
I’m lovin’ a little passion, boo
Your birthday suit is real fashionable
I’m willin’ to let the past just be the past with you
‘Cause if we talkin’ red flags, then we done passed a few
And my worst choice is gettin’ attached to you

[Segue: Lil Wayne]
You make me feel so nice (So nice, uh)
Only with you by my side (Tunechi, side, side, side)

[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
Look, I ain’t never leave a bitch that didn’t want me to stay
Told you if you get me, bitch, you better play keep-away
I know you still be checkin’ on a nigga like a meter maid
Heard you been stressin’, lookin’ like you ain’t eat in days
Gone in a heartbeat, and baby, we a beat away
Every time the beat a break, it’s beating like a 808
Mama say we better pray, yeah, what would Jesus say?
You used to take my breath away, now I’m tryna breathe again
I was tryna see the light, suddenly, I see the shade
And you know I treat you right, and you know I beat your breaks
And you know I eat it right, and you know I clean the plate
I was tryna leave the life, lookin’ for a clean escape
I don’t think she thinkin’ right, she thinkin’ I ain’t thinkin’ straight
She think I’m tryna link tonight, I think she say she free today
Shit ain’t A-Okay, but it might be okay
But either way, you need to stay

[Outro: Lil Wayne]
By my side (By my side, baby)
By my side, by my side
I need you, baby
Only with you by my side
By my side, baby
Only with you by my side
You make me feel so nice (So nice)
Only with you by my side (Side, side, side)
By my side (By my side, baby)
By my side
Only with you by my side

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