Tsu Surf – Blacc Cream (ft. Benny The Butcher) (Audio, Lyrics)

Date 2020-06-11

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Listen, buy, stream, mp3 download, read the lyrics to “Blacc Cream” by Tsu Surf featuring Benny The Butcher. The song was produced by Sharke.

Tsu Surf Blacc Cream

Tsu Surf Blacc Cream

Tsu Surf has officially dropped off his brand new album MSYKM, featuring appearances from Dave East, Benny The Butcher, G HerboJim Jones and more. As expected, the album is stacked full of gritty street anthems, retaining the same intensity he consistently brings to his rounds on the battle-rap circuit. Those familiar with the man’s career know he’s not one to take slights lightly, a teacher of consequence to those unknowingly seeking lessons. That energy manifests wonderfully on “Blacc Cream,” a smooth highlight that pairs Surf with fellow lyricist Benny The Butcher.

The results are exactly what you’d expect. One extensive verse apiece, delivered flawlessly over a haunting sample and steady percussion. Surf’s opening salvos are highly destructive, his bars packing the impact of punches. “Trap things, out here since the AM for this black cream, on a first-name basis with the crack fiends,” he spits. “Cops inquiring bout what these tats mean, I’m just trying to stack cream.” And by now, you already know that The Butcher has never been outshone, keeping stride with Surf with some hardened lines of his own. “Probably start up a turf war off a Benny and Surf song,” he raps. “At your funeral twenty n***as with straps in a church hall.”

Tsu Surf – Blacc Cream (ft. Benny The Butcher) (prod. Sharke)


[Intro: Tsu Surf]
(Black cream)

[Verse 1: Tsu Surf]
No pictures wit’ the plug, he good as don’t exist
A duffle bag of hundreds with us
[?] open doors, don’t let ’em front it to us
I gotta decline kind gestures
Came from money, business partners if you trust me with it
Bitch, she bilingual [?] funny business
Them niggas only know you got it if you make it known
Trips to the face alone
Shut up conversation, feds taping phones
Heard a lil’ static, had to change the phone
Square bitch drivin’, tryin’ make it home
Who you got besides yourself?
Mine, swear I’ll go and get it
He just want beat a bro
Wouldn’t cuff a codefendant
Trench is like the jungle, who surviving?
Bitches on the table, both shooters and who driving?
The clarity’s surprising
Trap things, out here since the AM for this black cream
First name basis with these crack fiends (Yo)
Cops enquiring ’bout what these tats mean
I’m just tryna stack cream (Flex, flex)
That all black cream

(Black cream)
Ayo, Surf, you know I feel you on this shit, right?
(Black cream) Uh-huh
Check one, check two (Black cream)
(Black cream) Butcher coming, nigga

Shoulda seen me, grinding and stayin’ alive wasn’t easy
Needed more hammers than hugs when mama couldn’t feed me
Trusted the process and like magic, made them pussies king me
Treated the pyrex and the cabinet like it was a genie
Probably start up a turf war off a Benny and Surf song
At your funeral, twenty niggas with straps in a church hall
If you real, you get your name on a tat, or a verse dawg
Twenty-one gun salute in a lot, then we murk off
Niggas envy ’cause they never could fuck with me, it’s too much
They want me sitting back in federal custody, I had enough
I walked the plug for a eighteen soft and patched it up
Told that nigga, “I’m around, get wit’ us” and backed it up
What you know about black cream? I’m havin’ bad dreams
That I’m down to my last few thou’, with my last fiends
Brown dope with white cut, it’s like a halfbreed
I’ma make it, stack it and clean it, long as cash green (The Butcher)

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