TwoTiime – “Did A Lot” [Audio, Lyrics, Video]

TwoTiime - Did A Lot (prod. Trillo Beats)

premieres the visual for the -produced song titled “”. Listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy the song.

Twotiime Did A Lot
Twotiime Did A Lot

TwoTiime – Did A Lot (prod. Trillo Beats)

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(Trillo Beatz you did it again)

We came from the slums so we bound to have it different
Whatchu know bout bodies droppin’ on the fuckin’ daily
And I just can’t see properly with these niggas out to get me
I know they plotting, tryna catch me slipping
Thats why I’m movin’ smart, is you with me or is you not
Only dream that I had is to see my mama out the block
I just wanna see her happy, know her son did a lot
Uh uh know her son did a lot

See I got niggas in the cage, got niggas in the grave
They took my brotha Metro and that shit ain’t been the same
Took that anger and some lyrics and I filled it with some pain
And I swear I’m boutta blow, I can feel it in my veins
So now I’m dwellin’ over nothing, I’m just tryna make a million
All my niggas eating cause I swеar I know the feeling
And Hanko he been therе from the jump
He gon’ pull up in a Tesla just to show them hoes what’s up
Them niggas that be ___ showing nothing that really changed
But the streets ain’t love you back, so you say that shit the same
I just need a bitch who gon’ love me through the rain
Hold me down like she supposed to, ain’t gon’ switch up for the fame
Watch my niggas drug dealing, I know what’s up with them


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