Floda Grae joins forces with Skiibii and Blaq Jerzee for her captivating song ‘Sarafina’

Date 2024-04-18

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Floda Grae, the talented South African singer and songwriter, has teamed up with  energetic musician Skiibii and renowned producer Blaq Jerzee to deliver an electrifying hit single ‘Sarafina.’ Masterfully crafted by Blaq Jerzee himself, this track guarantees to captivate fans with its irresistible rhythm and soul-stirring melodies.


Sarafina harmoniously blends Floda Grae’s unique artistry with the creative prowess of Skiibii and Blaq Jerzee, resulting in a dynamic and vibrant musical experience. Each artist contributes their distinct flavor, adding depth and opulence to the composition. Floda Grae showcases her velvety vocals, perfectly complemented by Skiibii’ energetic delivery and captivating verse.


Blaq Jerzee production serves as the ideal backdrop for this collaboration, blending contemporary beats with infectious grooves. His impeccable production techniques shine through, seamlessly fusing elements that flawlessly enhance the artists’ performances.


However, ‘Sarafina’ is more than just a catchy tune; it carries a meaningful message that resonates with listeners. Floda Grae’s heartfelt performances bring this message to life, evoking a range of emotions and establishing an uplifting connection with the audience.


The song is available on all digital platforms globally.



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