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Date 2014-09-05

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Christed records is proud to present “Songs in the night” by OttoVonpablo.
“Songs in the night” is a song that tributes rhythms of love and rhythms of faith, that comforting voice of hope in the middle of the storm.  Rainbow after the storm is beautiful but the fourth-man that hangs with us in the burning flame is consoling-

This song is graciously cooked by producer-musician Attah Lenell with mystic ingredients and eclectic flavour that’ll keep you yearning for more. Otto Vonpablo combines with the electrifying voice of Allen Newton to deliver us this sonorous signature.

It is going to be Otto’s gift to someone out there who needs a song in the night, an oasis in the desert, more so that person, who loves good music, appreciates dept and unadulterated content.

“If art is dead, then I am the resurrection”- otto vonpablo

For those of you who are not conversant with the name Otto Vonpablo, he is born Otto Paul Adah, though largely known as the Founding President of one of the most influential Youth Organization in Nigeria (The All Talented Christian’s club, ATCCLUB), Otto is also a renowned Author; Poet, prolific song writer and Actor, multiple Award winning social scientist and life coach. Otto is an enigmatic but illustrious personage, quite difficult to categorize, such that is typical of nobody else.

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