Valee, Harry Fraud, and Action Bronson Showcase Chemistry on Laidback Single “Vibrant” (+Lyrics)

Date 2023-07-10

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Valee & Harry Fraud feature Action Bronson on the new “VIBRANT” song. Listen, stream, read the lyrics buy the track produced by Harry Fraud.

Valee, Harry Fraud, and Action Bronson come together on their latest single, appropriately titled “Vibrant,” and their chemistry is undeniable. The combination of the infectious beat and captivating bars creates a vibrant and captivating track. This collaboration adds to the prolific streak of Harry Fraud, who has been releasing notable projects in recent weeks. “Vibrant” not only showcases the artists’ ability to fit the instrumental in their unique ways but also offers a perfect summer vibe with its crisp sample, laidback flows, and witty lyrics.

The Beat and Instrumentation:

The beat of “Vibrant” revolves around an enveloping and soulful pitched-up sample, accompanied by ear-grabbing vocal chops and soaring singing. The light guitar strums infuse the song with a sun-soaked feeling, while the bright fluttering keys in the background and the crisp, steady drum pattern complete the summery vibes of the track.

Valee and Action Bronson’s Delivery:

Both Valee and Action Bronson bring their distinctive styles to the track. Valee, hailing from Chicago, opts for an unorthodox flow and deflated delivery, adding a unique touch to his verses. On the other hand, Action Bronson, the New York MC, showcases an animated and classic East Coast rhyme pattern that effortlessly flows over the beat.

Lyricism and Theme:

“Vibrant” aims to recreate the blissful ambiance of the production through opulent references, cheeky lines, and luxurious name-drops. The lyrics highlight Gucci outfits, all-inclusive stays, baby blue Vlone, camel skin bongos, F-150s, and caviar, further enhancing the vibrant and extravagant atmosphere of the song.


“Vibrant” is a laidback and captivating single that exemplifies the chemistry between Valee, Harry Fraud, and Action Bronson. The sun-soaked instrumental, combined with their distinct deliveries and witty lyrics, creates a perfect track for the summer months. The collaboration showcases their ability to seamlessly fit into the unique sonic landscape crafted by Harry Fraud. As fans embrace this collaboration, we can only hope for future projects that bring these talented artists together once again. So, kick back, relax, and immerse yourself in the vibrant sounds of this captivating track.

Valee & Harry Fraud – VIBRANT (ft. Action Bronson) (prod. Harry Fraud)

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7 July 2023
1 Song, 2 minutes
℗ 2023 SRFSCHL, LLC/Fake Shore Drive


[Chorus: Valee]
Yeah, vibrant, vibrant, Gucci outfit
Vibrant, vibrant, Nice outfit
Vibrant, vibrant, Nice outfit
Vibrant (You’re now listening to Harry)
Vibrant, Gucci outfit
Vibrant, Nice outfit
Vibrant, vibrant, Nice outfit
Vibrant, vibrant

[Verse 1: Valee]
In the coupe with all the options
And I get more mouth than introducing
Everything all-inclusive
She holdin’ on to me like a suction cup
We at Hamada, should be hushin’ up
Thousand dollar meal, ain’t no rushin’ us
Left the coupe runnin’ like we rushed in the
Now this bitch ain’t got her waist snatched like mine
Ho at home in some baby blue VLone
Sweat aromatic, come and sing me a song
Double cuppin’ me, I ate an eighth, it’s gone
Feel like Dr. Pepper, let’s debate, it’s strong

[Chorus: Valee & Action Bronson]
Yeah, vibrant, vibrant, Gucci outfit
Vibrant, vibrant, Nice outfit (Yeah)
Vibrant, vibrant (Uh), Nice outfit (It’s me, it’s me)
Vibrant, vibrant

[Verse 2: Action Bronson]
Three button on the shirt, lookin’ like Arne Anderson (Ah)
Play the bongos made of camel skin (Ah)
I’m from a long line of cattlemen (True)
I’m high as fuck at the batting cage (Uh)
Sit on the bitch face, make the salad spin (Spin it)
Make the Mazda Miata spin (Skrr)
Like a karzte kick from the Karate Kid (Uh)
Land Rov’, Ganjaj and Basmati on my bib (Uh-huh)
Lookin’ like a solid wall of brick (Uh)
Eight ball shifter on a stick (Uh)
F-150 with the lift kit (Lift kit)
Three barrels on a shotty, it’s a triscuit (Uh-huh)
Get turned to liquid (Uh)
While I take a bump of caviar off my wrist
That’s been shipped in, yeah

[Chorus: Valee]
Yeah, vibrant, vibrant, Gucci outfit
Vibrant, vibrant, Nice outfit
Vibrant, vibrant, Nice outfit
Vibrant, vibrant


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