Young M.A – Big Steppa (Audio, Lyrics)

Date 2020-08-11

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Young M.A drops new single “Big Steppa”. Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download, read the lyrics to the song produced by Mike Zombie.

Young M.a Big Steppa

Young M.a Big Steppa

Young M.A. has been keeping it real since her arrival to the game, captivating fans with her pairing of gangsta rap lyricism with an effortless, laid-back flow. Now, the New York rapper has returned with another new single, retaining that same formula for the Mike Zombie produced “Big Steppa.” On that note, Zombie continues his streak with another hard beat, lacing M.A. with a blend of eerie synthesizers and distorted 808s. In short, the perfect backdrop for her to flex, rapping without seeming to break even the slightest sweat.

That’s not to say her pen game is lazy, nor her work ethic — she simply prefers to keep the bars concise, saying little when little needs to be said.

Young M.A – Big Steppa (prod. Mike Zombie)


(Zombie on the track)

[Verse 1]
Ah, ah big steppin’ (Ooh, ooh, ooh)
I’m here with the set and I’m big reppin’ (The gang)
In the section with some hoes, it’s ’bout six-seven (Yeah-yeah, yeah)
In the section with the bros, it’s like ten-eleven (Ah, ah)
Glizzy in the cut just in case (Grr, gah, bah)
Shout out to my brother, he just beat the case (He just beat the case)
Shout out to my God, He make no mistakes (Amen)
Shout out to that broad, with the pretty face (Ooh)
She a bartender and a fan (She a fan)
But she only shake her ass for the bands (The bands)
I don’t pop no Percs, I don’t pop no Xans (I don’t pop no Xans)
But I keep a cup of Henny in my hand (The Henny)
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
She get in the mood on 1942
When she seen the racks, she skip to my Lou’
She say she got a man, well I’m your nigga too (Nigga too)

I’m a big stepper (Big stepper, ah)
Out here with the set and I’m big reppin’ (On paper)
If you try to flex then we G check ’em (What’s up?)
Keep the Glock by the pillow, I can sleep better (Ah-ah, boom)

[Verse 2]
Hoppin’ out the foreign, Louis slides on (Skrr)
Made a half a mil’ and put my guys on (I put my guys on)
I just bought that coco for my side jawn (Chanel, shawty)
She let me keep the pistol in her top drawer (She did)
Ooh, I’m a shot caller
Chain water (Huh), watch water (Check)
Drip check (Check, check), hot sauce (Hot sauce)
I bop with the mob ’cause they plot on ’em (Grr, ’cause they ah-ooh)
And that’s word to pop, I’ma pop on ’em (Grr)
Married to the game, and put a rock on her (The ice, ooh)
If she bad, I’ma slide on her (Slide)
You fuckin’ with the top shotta, top baller (Top)

Chain, ooh
Watch, watch (Watch, watch)
Drip checked (Drip checked)
Ooh, ooh (Okay)

Big stepper (Big stepper, ah)
Out here with my set and I’m big reppin’ (Red line)
If you try to flex then we G check ’em (What’s up?)
Glock by the pillow, I can sleep better

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