Young Noble – “Lessons Of Legends” (ft. Conway The Machine) [Audio, Lyrics]

Young Noble - Lessons Of Legends (ft. Conway The Machine) (prod. DJ Premier)

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Young Noble Lessons Of Legends
Young Noble Lessons Of Legends

Young Noble – Lessons Of Legends (ft. Conway The Machine) (prod. DJ Premier)

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There’s no justice, it’s just us
Watching your back, it be a must
There are no words that can express how I feel
Even though I act crazy
Go in the ash trays, spark the weed up
My alias Kadafi
They call me Hussein Fatal, it’s a two-game table

[Verse 1: Young Noble]
Scott La Rock died tryna break up a fight
They caught my nigga Pac, through the door at the light
They hit B.I.G., through the door at the light
Was that a coincidence? Or two planned hits
My brother Yaki Kadafi took one in his face
By somebody he knew, stretched in the project hallway
Fatal car flipped, he got ejected out the front windshield
Broke most of his bones and his neck
Sean Price, and Big Syke, my niggas died in they sleep
Since Big Pun, I been more health conscious of what I eat
Be cautious out in these streets
These niggas are straight haters, [?] jacker
I pray Allah made his grave spacious
They got Nip right in front of his store
We still sheddin’ “Tattoo Tears” galore
Like “The Good Die Young”, they had so much more
To accomplish, still lightin’ up the darkness in the world, like
Pimp C, Fat Pat, and DJ Screw
Big Stretch, and Seagram, Big L, and Guru
Freaky Tah, Jam Master Jay, yeah
Mausberg, Soulja Slim, and Mac Dre
Big Hawk, Chinx Drugz, Bankroll Fresh
Shawty Lo, Pop Smoke, and XXX
I miss the Ol’ Dirty Bastard, and Eazy-E
Nate Dogg, Phife Dawg, and MC Breed
[?], my nigga Flipside, O.F.T.B
MCA from Beastie Boys, Proof, and Heavy D, yeah
J Dilla, Mac Miller, and Prodigy
Professor X, Bad Azz, and Apache
Lord Infamous, and Koopsta Knicca
Johnny “J” from on his own
KMG the Illustrator (Uh)
King Von, Left Eye, and Aaliyah (Yeah)
Natina Reed, [?], and Double D(?)
In the streets, it’s like they hate you even when they love you
You can ask Doe B, or even Stack Bundles
A$AP Yams, Big DS from Onyx
Can’t forget Juice WRLD, and Chip Banks from Harlem
Man, and so many more, they got money for war
But can’t feed the poor
I pray we learn some lessons from the legends before
Get your money, stay focused, hip-hop, let’s live long (C’mon)

[Verse 2: Conway the Machine]
Yeah, it’s [?], I’m a outlaw
Came a long way from selling raw, now I sell out tour (Talk to ’em)
Keep the swam on me whenever I’m goin’ outdoors (Hah)
Shoot the glizzy with my left hand, I’m punching Southpaw
(Doo, doo ,doo)
We been getting bags out a the street, don’t know about y’all
Colombian connect, why would I worry about a drought for?
I see rappers on the internet, they chasin’ clout more
(They chasin’ clout)
Postin’ they location like, they ain’t gon’ make a [?]
Lost a lotta legends but, legends never die
They live forever through their music
And the pressure they applied
They definitely inspired me to strive
For perfection when I rhyme
You see how exceptionally I glide
On any beat placed in front of me
They say “Machine, he got the crown”
I take it humbly, one K for my dungarees
Took a bullet to my head
I guess God wasn’t done with me (He wasn’t done)
Hip-hop saved my life, now life is luxury

At some point in life, you gotta learn to let it come and go
O-o-only if the math is real
Stay on my job, grind with my squad
Make no mistake, this shit is real
Boy, you should have known by now, Eazy-Duz-It
Enough to make a nigga go crazy
Sean Price, Bushwick Bill
Bushwick Bill is on the goddamn hunt
Mac motherfuckin’ Dre
Hold up, hey
Best of [?], The Five Footer, I kick the mad style
Well, guess what?
Pimp C came with Big L
My name is Ecstacy
DOOM from the realm of El Kulum, smelly gel fume
Had to hit the brakes on y’all niggas like whoa
Yo world I hope you’re ready for me, now gather round
And I am MC Heavy D
D to the R, the O Y (?)
I’m big bang [?] everywhere
Jam Master Jay, Big Mac, DMX, [?]
I’d like to introduce myself, my name is Biz Markie
Brrr, stick ’em, ha-ha-ha, stick ‘ em

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