Yvngxchris – Excuse Me? (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Date 2022-03-23

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17-year-old musical act, Yvngxchris unveils the music video for the new song, “Excuse Me?”, co-produced by filipmakesbeats & ZaySkillz. Listen, stream, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download.

Yvngxchris Excuse Me

Yvngxchris Excuse Me

yvngxchris is a 17-year-old star on the rise. With over 1.3 million followers on Tik Tok, he’s managed to create a strong and loyal fanbase. He got most of his recognition from his version of “Blood on the Leaves” that sits with over 4 million views on YouTube.

His most recent release, “excuse me?” has already raked in over 150,000 views in just two days. The track starts out with a futuristic beat and transitions into a fast-paced, thunderous sound. yvngxchris also shows off his diversity on this single, as he switches flows a couple of times within the 1 minute and 30 seconds.

The video features trippy imagery that perfectly aligns with the tone of the song.

Yvngxchris – Excuse Me? (prod. filipmakesbeats & ZaySkillz)

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[Intro: Soulja Boy]
Got the Louis shoes dirty, goddamn—

Walked out the cut with my shooter, that boy aiming at your medulla, he shoot it like, “Eugh”
Yeah, my nigga [?], when he shoot the Glocky, it’s magical, he do a voodoo, uh-huh
Told lil’ shorty bend over and suck on the dick, shorty told me that’s not what she used to
Run down on that nigga and pull out the Glock and the bullets connect like an iPhone Bluetooth
I told that lil’ nigga, he talk about gang one more time, nigga, I swear to God, I will shoot you
I asked that lil’ nigga what he want for Christmas, he told me a gun, so I got him a .22
Man, that nigga act like a pussy, he act like a lil’ ass girl, so I bought him a tutu
Got a stone to the brain, I’m finna rock your mental
I got a main bitch telling me your cock is little
And I’m on top, nigga, no, I’m not the middle
And nigga, don’t run, if you do, the Glock gon’ get ’em
I got a big gun, cutter finna take him off
Stick make a nigga twitch like Adin Ross
Why you got a dress on? Bitch, take it off
Get a BLT, take the bacon off
Now I got a LT, take the T and remove it
Give that boy the L ’cause he think that I’m stupid
If another nigga say yvngxchris, I’ma lose it
Bitch, yvngxchris Tucker, fuck nigga, I do this (Yeah)
And bitch, I’m the coolest
Off of the Xanny, lil’ bitch, I be booted
I take off her panty, look like Kali Uchis
From Dr. Miami, she just got a booty
Pop out at the show on the stage, I’ma lose it
Pull out, then I nut on her face, on her coochie
Get dressed, then we go ‘head and watch a great movie (I think it was Spider-Man or some shit, I don’t even know)
I tried to wife her, but that ho a groupie
He said I’m not running shit, nigga, excuse me? (Filip)

You tripping, nigga, ain’t nobody doing it like me (Zayskillz)
All y’all niggas pussy as fuck
Fuck everybody, I don’t give a fuck, nigga

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