Zuchu remixes “Nani” with Innoss’B (Watch Video)

Date 2023-06-06

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Zuchu releases the highly anticipated “Nani” Remix featuring Innoss’b. Watch the video, listen, stream, buy the track.

East African artist Zuchu has joined forces with Congolese singer Innoss’b for the remix of her viral hit track, “Nani.” The song, originally released in 2023, has already gained massive popularity, garnering millions of views on YouTube and streams on digital music platforms. The remix, which is enhanced by Innoss’b’s fiery vocals, promises to be as successful as the original, if not more so. This press kit delves deeper into the background and highlights of the remix.


Zuchu shot to fame in 2020 when she became the first female artist to be signed to the bongo flava record label, Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB). Her unique style and charismatic personality won her many fans, leading to her being dubbed the ‘Queen Of Bongo’. Her hit songs include “Wana,” “Hakuna Kulala,” and “Kwaru.”

“Nani” was one of Zuchu’s breakout songs, first appearing on her 2023 Ep titled ‘Vitu Kwa Sana.’ The track’s relatable lyrics and catchy beat resonated with fans who could not get enough of it.

Innoss’b, on the other hand, is no stranger to the music industry. The Congolese singer and songwriter has been making music since 2000 and has gained a reputation for being a trailblazer in the Afrobeats scene. His hit song, “YOPE,” featuring Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platnumz, has over 200 million views on YouTube and has been described as “the most popular African song of 2021.” He has been recognized with several awards, including a BET Award in 2020.

The Remix

The highly anticipated “Nani” remix, which was released on 10th September 2023, comes at a time when African music is experiencing unprecedented growth in terms of popularity and influence. The remix stays true to the original’s upbeat tempo and catchy melody while adding Innoss’b’s signature touches. The Congolese artist’s powerful vocals and unique style add an extra layer of excitement to the track, making it impossible not to dance to.

Innoss’b’s contribution to the remix has been praised by many. His verse,

Zuchu – Nani (Remix) (ft. Innoss’B)

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May 31, 2023
1 Song, 2 minutes
℗ 2023 Wasafi Limited

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He one two one two eh maiki cheki (maiki cheki)
Tunajump jump eh kama kitenesi
Eeh! Kama kalambwanda nda nda kalambwasi
Na kama huna msambwandaa usiingie kati (Ayeee)
Alulue alulueee (Alulue alulueee)
Aah Kama mtu hachezi mzabue (Tumzabue tumzabue)
Sema Alulue alulueee (Alulue alulueee)
Kama mtu hachezi tumtoee (Tumtoe tumtoe)

Eeeh nani anaweza kulicheza sagarumba
Mimi ninaweza kulicheza sagarumba
Nauliza nani anaweza kulicheza sagarumba
Nasame mimi ninaweza kulicheza sagarumba
Maftaaa taa mafta taa mafta taaa
Yamemwagika yamemwagika yamemwagikaaa
Mpaka chini mpaka chini mpaka chiniii
Yamemwagika, yamemwagika, yamemwagika

Amina, Amina na Mwajuma
Wanaringa hawa kima
kumbe wanauza… (usiseme hivyo)

Kilode kilode kilodee
Watoto wadogo wanataka nipotee
Haa! labda nifukiwe chini wala wasiwaongopee
Hee! shindo langu mimi mjikusanye wote
Haya sema shkamoo dada (Shkamoo dada)
Shkamoo kaka (Shkamoo kaka)
Mniamkie shkamoo mama (Shkamoo mama)
Shkamoo baba (Shkamoo baba)
Alulue alulueee (Alulue alulueee)
Ukiona hachezi mzabue (Tumzabue tumzabue)
Sema alulue alulueee (Alulue alulueee)
Haa! Kama mtu hachezi Tumtoee(Tumtoe tumtoe
Sema alulue alulue alulue
Kama mtu hachezi tumtoe, Tumtoe, Tumtoe

Eeh nani anaweza kulicheza sagarumba
Mimi ninaweza kulicheza sagarumba
Nauliza nani anaweza kulicheza sagarumba
Nasema mimi ninaweza kulicheza Sagarumba
Aah twende
Maftaaa taa mafta taa mafta taaa (Yana ninii)
Yamemwagika yamemwagika yamemwagikaaa (Eti mpaka wapi)
Mpaka chini mpaka chini mpaka chiniii (Mamaaa)
Mpaka chini, mpaka chini, mpaka chini

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