10 Strange Thingz That You Don’t Know

Date 2013-09-09

Category Entertainment

1. Do u knw that Redeemed Christian Church Of God was once a white garment church?
2. Do u knw that if u are chewing gum while slicing onions u will never shed tears? (try it)
3. Do u knw that d Nigeria police uniform was once white?
4. Do u knw that Nigeria is named afta a River (mammy water)..?
5. Do u knw that it is a woman who named Nigeria Nigeria?
6. Do u knw that Nigeria is just 53 years old? Yet u compare it to America that is more than 400 years old (just imagine)
7. Do u knw that d cure for AIDS hav been found (if na lie Google am)
8. Do u knw that d current most brilliant person in d world is frm Nigeria? (if na lie Google am)
9. Do u knw that a smile can cure Asthma? (unbelievable abi? Oya quikly Google am)
10. Do u knw that in China, a man can marry his blood sister (no wonder they all luk d same).


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