Bose Ogulu, Mama Burna, Honored with “History Maker Award 2023

Date 2023-10-06

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Burna Boy’s Mother, Bose Ogulu receives the prestigious ‘History Maker Award 2023’ at Best of Africa Awards in London.

Nigerian businesswoman and esteemed talent manager, Bose Ogulu, fondly known as Mama Burna for her association with her son, Burna Boy, has been awarded the prestigious “History Maker Award 2023” at the Best of Africa Awards ceremony in London.

The Best of Africa Awards is an esteemed event that celebrates and recognizes outstanding achievements and contributions from individuals of African and Pan-African heritage. It acknowledges the remarkable efforts and impact made by Africans across various fields, including music, sports, and fashion.

Bose Ogulu’s journey in the music industry has been nothing short of extraordinary. She is renowned for her pivotal role in shaping and managing her son Burna Boy’s career, who has risen to become a global music icon. Her astute management and guidance have been instrumental in Burna Boy’s success, earning him international acclaim and recognition.

In addition to receiving the “History Maker Award 2023,” Bose Ogulu also had the honor of delivering the keynote speech at the event. Her speech, titled “Legacy,” undoubtedly carried profound insights and inspiration for the attendees.

The Best of Africa Awards ceremony was graced by the presence of notable figures from the realms of sports, fashion, and music, making it a remarkable gathering of African and Pan-African luminaries.

This recognition of Bose Ogulu’s contributions to the music industry and her role in nurturing and promoting African talent on the global stage is a testament to her dedication, vision, and outstanding achievements. It highlights her as a true history maker and an inspiration to many in the industry.

As a talent manager and a key figure in the music business, Bose Ogulu has not only elevated the careers of artists like Burna Boy but has also played an essential role in reshaping the narrative of African music on the global stage.

The “History Maker Award 2023” is a well-deserved recognition of her exceptional journey and her enduring impact on the music industry, affirming her status as a trailblazer and an influential figure in African entertainment.

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