Are “Unik Brodaz” Still Together?

Date 2017-11-14

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It is a fact that the trio of Idongesit, Nkereuwem and Ubon who make up the music group known as Unik Brodaz have been enjoying some level of fame now since they came together to do music since 2009, asides just being blood brothers. They have rocked several events and gigs, plus create hits which include ‘Eka Nma’, ‘Ukarakpa’ to mention but just a few that have also enjoyed airplay rotation.
But just recently, all may seem not be going on well with the group as noted in a Facebook post on the group’s official page. An artwork of a-yet-to-be-released song was uploaded and it had only two pictures of Ubon and Nkereuwem, leaving Idongesit who is the eldest of the brothers missing.
This when noticed by fans sparked a series of comments asking what happened to Iddy, as Idongesit is also referred to and if that was their own way of announcing his split from the group. The post was later taken down due to the seemingly unending probing questions.
Earlier it was also noted that during the burial of DJ Dollie Popman’s father at Onna, it was only the duo of Ubon and Nkereuwm that performed without Iddy. More so, during the video shoot for ‘Colour Me Orange’ by Feelingz, Iddy was equally missing with Nkereuwem and Ubon representing Unik Brodaz.

Nkereuwem and Ubon representing the Unik Brodaz on ‘Colour Me Orange’ video by Feelingz

In the aspect of their signature hairstyles, Iddy isn’t wearing the latest bald look used by the other two, unlike when their usual identical outfit from head to toe.

Nkereuwem and Ubon rocking their new bald look

If this is true of the Unik Brodaz, how far will they go without Iddy and what will be his fate if he ever declines going back to his brothers? Moreover, we noticed changes in their social media Profiles as well.

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