Baby North Is A F***n Genius – Kanye West

Date 2013-11-10

Category Gist & Gossip

North West is only four months old, but Kanye is already claiming she’s “a genius.” Sure, every parent believes their child is special but Kanye is taking it a step further.

The Chicago rapper is so impressed with his daughter’s advanced development, he already proclaims her to be a “genius,” has reported.

A source close to the Yeezus rapper has exclusively told “She’ll grab things and have this weird look on her face when she’s holding whatever object is in her hand,”

“Kanye will be like ‘why is she staring at it so hard’ and then he rethinks and is like ‘naw, she’s studying it. She sees something we don’t.’ He already thinks she’s a f**king genius, just like him.”

So despite the fact that little North West is only four months old, her father is allegedly hoping that his daughter will go on to achieve great things.

The source revealed: “He thinks she’s going to grow up and be something great, like a scientist or something,” not before adding: “He’s loving every minute of her existence and soaking it all up.”

    Source: Hollywood Life


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