Badt Guy: Prisoner Impregnates 4 Guards at The Same Time

Tavon-White“A convicted gangster who is serving a 20 year jail term for attempted murder in the Baltimore City Detention Center in the USA, Tavon ‘Bulldog’ White, has set a new record as he has successfully impregnated four female prison guards at the same time.

White who is one of the most influential prisoners in the facility, is known as the ‘Kingpin’ of a breathtaking world of corruption, is also reported to make tens of thousands of dollars a week running a drug cartel and smuggles in mobile phones which he sells to the guards and other prisoners. Reports say he is so feared and respected and is known to boast about being the law in jail:

“This is my jail. My word is law.”

It was discovered that the kingpin has regular se.x with the prison guards and other female inmates and two of the four women are even said to have had tattoos of White’s name, with one displaying a ‘Tavon’ tattoo on her neck and the other on her wrist.

White, a member of the Black Guerilla Crime Family, is now set to become a star witness in the prosecution of two other inmates and five prison guards over money laundering, drugs and conspiracy charges.

White has already pleaded guilty to a number of drug distribution and money laundering charges.”

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