Caught in The Act; Alaba Boys Sell Fake Wizkid Album : Photos

Date 2014-08-15

Category Gist & Gossip

wizkid cover back


“Ever since his debut album “Superstar”, Wizkid has grown with each passing year, surpassing all expectations. This young man is a is a talented performer and entertainer any time, any place and any day. As a testament to his star power, his shows are sold out and as such, his is the first name any event promoter thinks of when hoping to have a sold-out concert.

Over the past 2 years, Wizkid has been a guest on over 15  songs and has a little over 12 singles or freestyles to his own credit and all without an album. The fans want another album, they’ve asked politely, and rudely in some cases on twitter but with no response yet.

Certain individuals have noticed this vacuum and seem to have exploited to the fullest by dropping the “On Top Your Matter” album. Was this done with Wizkid’s approval? I strongly doubt it. While the album jacket carries 2 different Starboy (Wizkids Label) logos, it also has the twitter handle “ @wizystaboy ” on the front and back. For those who don’t know, Wizkid’s twitter handle is “ @Wizkidayo ”.”


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