“Davido Spends 50 – 100 million naira per visit – Celebrity Jeweler, Icebox


American luxury jeweller, Ice Box Zahir, has revealed superstar Nigerian singer and luxury lover Davido, spends 50 million naira to 100 million naira each time he visits his jewellery store in Atlanta.

Image result for Davido Spends N50-100 Million each visit” – Popular Jeweler, Icebox

The American-celebrity jeweller made this known through his Instagram Story last night and this has got everyone really knocked out.


It is well known by a lot of people that Davido loves and spends so much on luxury fashion items especially diamond pieces, but it is however shocking that so much money goes down every time he takes a stop at Icebox’s store.

The singer is currently having a good time with the recent release of his long-awaited sophomore album, “A good Time” as positive reviews have been sent its way from almost all corners of the music industry.

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