Drake Dissed Kid Cudi Real Hard On His New Song “2 Birds, 1 Stone” See Lyrics

Date 2016-10-26

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Drake has come under fire for taking shots at Kid Cudi, who is currently in rehab for “depression and suicidal urges,” on “2 Birds, 1 Stone”.


Drake released the song Sunday night. His lyrics seemingly represented a response to a recent Twitter rant in which Kid Cudi called Drake and Kanye West “fake ones” and wrote that “the days of Fvckery are over.” Tuesday morning, Drake brushed off criticism from a fan who suggested that, by kicking Cudi when he’s down, Drake crossed the line.

“Mans need to stop mentioning my name when they get geeked,” he wrote. “Supposed to be all love out here word to my bro Pablo.”

Looks like Drake is standing by the song and his decision to release it while Cudi is in rehab.

Lyrics below.

“Mans need to stop mentioning my name when they get geeked.”

“You were the man on the moon / Now you just go through your phases / Life of the angry and famous / Rap like I know I’m the greatest / Then give you the tropical flavors / Still never been on hiatus / You stay xanned and perked up / So when reality set in you don’t gotta face it / I’m down 200 in Vegas but winning life on a daily basis / It seems like nobody wants to stay in my good graces / I’m like a real estate agent, putting you all in your places / Look what happens soon as you talk to me crazy / Is you crazy?”


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